Senena Gomez
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Selena Gomez has filed a case against video game companies for allegedly using her image in a gaming app.

Pop singer Selena Gomez's lawyers have filed a lawsuit against online game makers amounting to $10 million. Specifically, "Clothes Forever-Styling Game," allegedly has a character based on the star. According to Gomez, she never allowed the Chinese game maker, along with two others, Mutantbox Interactive Ltd. of UK and Forgame US Corp. from Delaware, to use her image in the app, which can be accessed via the App Store of Apple.

A statement addressed to Billboard from Alex Weingarten, Gomez's lawyer from the Venable LLP law firm, indicated that the career of Selena Gomez as an actress, model, entrepreneur, and musician had made her "as a household name."

The said law firm shared a copy of the particular suit. Mutanbox, Forgame, and the other so-called "fly-by-night videogame makers," the statement also said," have attempted to benefit from the signature look of Gomez by misusing he likeness and attracting every player to style the actress without her approval.

Violation of Rights

Also, according to the statement, "Gomez is a style icon," and this, it continued, is an egregious violation of the actress's rights, which the law firm has committed to petitioning actively to defend.

Billboard, for its part, has reached out to Mutantbox Interactive Ltd. and Gunagzhou Feidong for comment.

Specifically, the suit's content includes two claims: one claim is the "violation of, and conspiracy to violate the constitutional right of publicity," and the second, violation of, and conspiracy to violate universal law right of publicity.

In relation to the claims, the musician was surprised when she found out that both her likeness and image were used by the game makers in their "Clothes Forever" mobile game, which is presently rated low with 3.5, out of five stars by users on the website of Apple Store.

The lawsuit also alleged that the video game companies never consulted, informed, or requested Gomez concerning the use of any of her rights to publicity concerning the game.

Seeking to Permanently Block Game Makers

Notably, according to the statement, Gomez would not have approved if asked, primarily because the game seemingly relies on the practice of attracting players to make in-game purchases amounting to $9.99 to allegedly fund make-believe spending in the said game and unlock some features.

More so, publicity materials for the Clothes Forever game promote that users can have an interaction with the most attractive and beautiful celebrities and models today, which include Gigi, Taylor, Kardashian, and Beyonce, among others.

The marketing campaigns said the celebrities mentioned would be dropping by to ask for the users' fashion advice. 

Part of the suit is a screenshot photo used for the promotion of the game on the Apple App Store, claiming it deliberately uses an image of the actress-singer, which was taken from Flare Magazine. A cover in which Gomez is seen with her hand on her face, and wearing a white top and a body-hug skirt.

Lastly, the suit seeks the permanent blocking of the game makers for using the image of Gomez and as their actual compensatory, exemplary, and disciplinary damages to be identified during the trial.

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