The prosecutor's office in Latina, Italy, is investigating a baby girl's case to shed some light on a matter of violence. The infant was taken to the hospital by her mother because the baby was continuously crying, says an article.

Finding Multiple Injuries

After an examination, the doctors found that the newborn had broken ribs, a lot of bruises, and bites on her body. After finding out about the situation of the baby, she was immediately entrusted for protection.

The baby girl was brought at the Saint Maria Goretti Hospital in Latina by her mother. The Latina prosecutor opened an investigation on the case of the injured infant to find answers and clarifications if the child was subjected to violence by those who are taking care of her.

New Rib Injury, Old Ribs Injuries, Bruises, and Bites

After some tests, it was found out that the baby girl had a recently broken rib while some of her other bones were also broken from a few weeks before the recent rib injury.

Additionally, doctors also found out that the baby girl had bruises in different parts of her body. Furthermore, a bite was also discovered on the baby girl's thigh.

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Investigating on the Infant's Case

Prosecutors are currently in the process of reconstructing a series of events that may lead to the cause of the injuries of the baby girl. They are making investigations on the family where the baby girl lived. Also, the prosecutors are examining those who have been close to the couple who were taking care of the injured baby girl.

The investigators are gathering information and statement from people. They continue to collect relevant data to find a more detailed story of the violence towards the infant.

The investigators are keeping the information they gathered to full confidentiality.

Violence Against Children

Violence against children covers all types of violence against people below 18 years old. For younger children and infants, violence mainly includes the maltreatment of a child, including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and neglect. The parents or other authority figures primarily incite the violence. 

Boys and girls are equally at risk for emotional and physical abuse from their parents or guardians. Also, girls are at a higher risk of sexual abuse. As the children grow older, intimate partner violence, peer violence, and child maltreatment become more prevalent.  

Violence against children can be avoided. A response to this issue requires a systematic approach to addressing risk and protective factors at the child's society, individual, relationship, and community levels of risk. 

In May 2016, a resolution was made by the World Health Organization (WHO) to endorse the first WHO Global plan of action to strengthen the part of the healthcare system to address interpersonal violence, especially towards women and children.