In what is sure to be an explosive WWE RAW in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the home of Brock Lesnar, Damien Sandow seems to be having personality issues of late, have dressed up as X-Men character Magneto, Sherlock Holmes, Davy Crockett, Indiana Pacers Lance Stephenson shooting guard and a rapper named D-Sizzle.

The cosplay, while hilarious, has not exactly helped him in recent matches, with the Big Show dropping a WMD on Sandow that put his lights out. Will his latest run-in with the Big Show knock some sense into "The Intellectual Savior of the (Unwashed) Masses?"

While Bray Wyatt has been away since losing to John Cena in their Last Man Standing match at Payback, his clan -- Luke Harper and Erick Rowan -- have continued spreading his message to the world, defeating the WWE World Tag Team Champions, the Usos, in a non-title match last week, setting themselves up for a potential title shot against the champion siblings. Wyatt made a "return" on "Friday Night Smackdown," but what does he have in store this week, as his message continues to resonate with the WWE Universe?

Seth Rollins pulled a huge swerve on the WWE Universe and The Shield last week, turning on his fellow "Hounds of Justice" and joining up with Evolution, after Batista left Triple H and Randy Orton high-and-dry to return to Hollywood. While Rollins' betrayal may come as a shock to Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, the duo will likely "adapt" as they have done consistently against Evolution and The Authority. What do Ambrose and Reigns have in store for Rollins after betraying his brothers-in-arms?

Speaking of The Authority, after giving Daniel Bryan several chances to do "what's best for business" and relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, including forcing his wife Brie Bella to quit in order to leverage the title away from him, Bryan has been given an ultimatum going into Money In The Bank (MITB): either defend the championship against Kane in a Stretcher match or be stripped of the title, which will be then be the grand prize in the Money in the Bank (MITB) match. Stephanie McMahon's edict will have major repercussions for those looking to qualify into the MITB match, such as Alberto Del Rio -- who defeated Dolph Ziggler to earn his way into the match. Will Bryan be ready for his Stretcher match against Kane, considering he is coming off neck surgery? And who will be the next WWE Superstar to earn a shot at the MITB match in a few weeks?