Canada has long been known to be one of the best places to live on Earth. In 2018, more than 310,000 people moved to Canada. If a move is in your future but you are not sure where would be right place for you to land, check out our list of the five reasons that Canada should be your new home!

The Five Reasons That You Should Move to Canada

  1. Safety:  Canada is one of the safest places on Earth. According to Sustainable Planet, Canada comes in at number 6 on the Global Peace Index, Canada boasts cities with very low incidence of crime. Each province boasts as city that made the top ten list for safest places to live. If you are a French-Speaker, Saguenay in Quebec was amongst the top ten but there are also English-Speaking provinces full of safe cities to make your home in. All Canadian cities are clean, beautiful and welcoming.
  2. Canada's Immigration Program: Canada has increased it immigration targets annually for years and there are many sponsorship programs available to help new citizens to get settled once they arrive. There are also Visa programs which lead directly to certain occupations, leaving the guesswork out of finding a job once you arrive. Canada has always been welcoming to immigrants and goes above and beyond to welcome new people to its cities.
  3. A Health Economy: Canada has one of the best performing economies in the world and is matched only by the US, Japan, Italy, France and the UK. Having a robust economy means that jobs are always available and that there is the chance to build savings and investments for those who move there. Combine this with reasonable loan and housing costs and you have a recipe for a great place to get started in your new life!
  4. Free Healthcare: Once you arrive in Canada as a Permanent Resident, you can apply for the National Health Insurance Card that entitles you to the Universal Healthcare and preventive care system. ER services are usually free even with a health insurance card, so never feel that you have to avoid getting help if you are sick! The Canadian health care system is one of the best in the world and is a prime motivation for many people who choose to move there.
  5. Citizenship is Easy to Get: Canada has one of the most straightforward and quickest citizenship processes in the world. As of 2017, you need only live in Canada for three years to qualify. The test is fairly easy to take if you study and the results are processed very quickly. You will not need to fear red tape and scare tactics designed to discourage you from getting citizenship in Canada.

This list has shown some of the many reasons that Canada is an ideal place to move to. Canada is also home to the friendliest and accepting people in the world. If you are considering moving to a new country, Canada should be on your shortlist. You won't regret choosing to move there once you have arrived!