Demi Lovato is back from rehab. Currently, she is now optimistically facing the world and is slowly going back on the limelight. 

Recently, it was reported by an article that Lovato will be going back to acting. Also, it was reported that Lovato sang the National Anthem beautifully at the Super Bowl which excited her fans and supporters. 

Rehab and Changes

An article reveals how Lovato overcome her struggles after being sent to the hospital in 2018. Also, it was said that Lovato is affected by the comments on social media about her. She also spoke about her disagreement with the cancel culture and her insecurities about her body. However, she says that she had been doing her best to accept and love her body. 

Also, in the report, she expressed how her journey in the entertainment industry had affected her life. Furthermore, she mentioned how her life would have gone differently if she chose a different career. However, she says that despite the challenges she had to endure while being active in the entertainment industry, she will not change her decision of entering show business.

It was reported in an article that Demi Lovato has been surrounding herself with people who are a good influence on her mental well-being after leaving rehab. She aims to surround herself with positive people to help her cope with her mental health issues. 

Her Rehab Story

An article reveals that Demi Lovato had also been reported to have suffered from bipolar disorder, abuse of substance, and an eating disorder.  

Based on an article, at the age of 17, Lovato shared that she had experienced drug and alcohol addiction. During that time, she was still working with Disney. 

When Lovato was 18 years, she was sent to rehab, and that it was her first time going into rehab. Based on an article, the reason for her first time going into rehab was her problems with depression, eating disorder, and her tendency to harm herself. 

After her latest rehab after her hospitalization in 2018, she is now trying her best to bring her name back in the entertainment industry while still focusing on her mental well-being.

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Recent Reunion with Sonny With a Chance Co-Stars

Recently, a Sonny with a Chance reunion had occurred when the stars of the Disney TV show starring Demi Lovato had released a pre-recorded video of their recent virtual reunion. The video was shared online in April. 

According to an article, there are a lot of child stars who had struggled with addiction and went to rehab at some point in their life. 

It was even shown in the video that Lovato had joked about going into rehab "several times" when asked about how they are doing. 

Also, she had spoken about how her past had influenced her mental health, says an article