Mexican cuisine composes of diverse and multilayered flavors from its incredibly delicious and nutritious ingredients that are made from the local ingredients that were combined by the people in the country. 

It is a representation of the country's diverse communities and a rich culture.

For those who have not stayed in Mexico for a long time or do not have sufficient knowledge of Mexican cuisine, then you have probably been making some misconceptions about this country's amazing cuisines. You may even be calling some food as Mexican when in fact it is not. 

Here are some common misconceptions you may be having about Mexican cuisine:

Mexican food is not healthy

Based on an article, Mexican food is seen as not a healthy food because it is seen as a food for 'cheat days' of dieters. What makes Mexican food healthy is when it is made by a local that uses fresh ingredients available on the market or their garden. The ingredients used with Mexican cuisine are packed with many nutritional benefits. 

Ceviche is not solely traceable to Mexico 

According to an article, ceviche should not be entirely traceable to Mexico as it originates someplace else. Additionally, the article reveals that ceviche can also be traced to originate in many South American nations such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. 

Quesadillas are made in many ways in Mexico. 

According to an article, quesadillas are not usually made with the ingredients that people outside of Mexico are used to. Also, the article states that many people in Mexico make their quesadillas with blue corn tortillas, cheese made from Oaxaca, and other local ingredients. 

Based on an article, the oldest version of a quesadilla in Mexico can be traced to Oaxaca where the Oaxaca cheese is used as an ingredient to quesadilla. The Oaxaca cheese has a similar consistency as the mozzarella cheese. Also, the article reveals that the version of the quesadilla in this dish is made with epazote, a Mexican herb, and chile poblano. 

Corn Chips are not that common in authentic Mexican cuisine

Although many Mexican restaurants serve corn chips and pair them in their dishes, according to an article, it is not a common food served in Mexico. Also, the article reveals that potato chips are much more well-known in the country than corn chips. 

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Mexican food is not that spicy as others may think

Although many people think that Mexican food is very spicy, according to an article, it is not the spiciest cuisine in the world. However, Mexican food is well-known for its spicy flavor due to Mexico being a host for growing a huge variety of chile peppers. 

Based on an article, some peppers are sweet rather than spicy. It means that Mexican cuisine is beyond the common understanding that it has to be spicy. Aside from the peppers, Mexican dishes are prepared with ingredients that when combined makes an explosion of flavors in one bite.