A project has been launched by Pitbull, a famous Latino artist, in partnership with the leader of an organization and another group to support Latino-owned businesses to get back on their feet after a major hit from the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Partnership

An article reported that the head and founder of Global Entrepreneurship Network Jeff Hoffman and Hello Alice had collaborated with Pitbull for a project to help Latino-owned businesses to survive the pandemic and continue to pay their employees. 

Additionally, the parties involved in the project will be providing approximately $100,000 to the Hispanic owners of small businesses deserving of such grants. 

According to the article, Hoffman learned that some Latino-owned businesses got rejected for loans and that some workers cannot take home their work such as the servers of restaurants. It means that some businesses owned by the Latino community in the country may need the extra boost for it not to stop operations and prevent leaving countless workers unemployed. 

It means that the help granted to these small business owners will not only help the Latino community but also other communities as its workers will not be left unemployed if the business they work for can survive the pandemic. 

Jeff Hoffman and Global Entrepreneurship Network

 Based on an article, Jeff Hoffman is a representation of how perseverance and dedication to entrepreneurship should be. His experience in leadership is as big as his heart. He had led public and private businesses and establish countless of startup companies. As of the moment, he offers his expertise in entrepreneurship as a motivational speaker, author, and director of Global Entrepreneurship Network. 

Global Entrepreneurship Network is an organization that supports hundreds of projects that aim to help people transform their entrepreneurial dream into reality. Additionally, the organization aims to celebrate entrepreneurship by acknowledging the successes of entrepreneurs and their impact on various cultures and groups of people to inspire other budding entrepreneurs to make that first move. Furthermore, the organization helps link entrepreneurs with suppliers, investors, and other entrepreneurs to help them find the resources they need. 

Hello Alice

Based on the LinkedIn account of Hello Alice, it is a digital firm that helps provide opportunities for businesses to find resources in different parts of their operations by connecting them with the appropriate organization, groups, or businesses. It means that they serve as a digital bridge to businesses to find the resource they will need for the smooth operations of their business. 

According to their website, they aim to help businesses launch and grow by connecting businesses with online and local networks. 


Pitbull had also experienced hardships in life. When his parents of Cuban descent moved with him in the United States, they separated. He was later adopted by a family after his mother asked him to leave for his involvement with illegal drugs, according to an article. However, things got better when he graduated and pursue a career in music. After a couple more hard work and dedication, he was able to make a name in the music industry and became one of the most influential persons in the entertainment industry. 

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The partnership between a group that empowers entrepreneurship, a group that links entrepreneurs with relevant resources, and a Cuban singer who had invested hard work and dedication for his passion is the perfect combination for establishing a project to help encourage and support Latino-owned business owners to persevere and commit to their dreams and passion of serving their community. It is a perfect partnership to help small businesses owned by Latinos to thrive amid the coronavirus pandemic.