Many religious groups in California will not follow the 100-person limit per church service, according to an article. Furthermore, the article reveals that the reason for such defiance to the current COVID-19 preventive measure guideline is that some churches across the state are capable of accommodating at least 2,500 churchgoers. Some churches claim the rule of 100-limit per church service is unreasonable due to their structures' capacity at accommodating members of their church.

Religious Groups Before The State's Entry To Phase 3

According to an article published on May 7, churches will be allowed to reopen during the third phase of reopening the economy. During that time, large-scale churches across the state had announced that they will be reopening on May 30 and May 31. Also, they announced that they will reopen their doors to churchgoers with strict adherence to COVID-19 preventive measures advised by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control of the United States of America. Moreover, the article also reveals that different church groups across California had stated that they are will to house a limited number of churchgoers to meet social distancing rules. 

However, the article had also revealed that some parties had filed complaints against Governor Gavin Newsom for not permitting other churches to continue operating during the stay-at-home orders across the state but the claims were rejected by the federal judge. 

Churches At Phase 3

It was reported in an article that many church leaders of each state had included their signatures in the 'Declaration of Essentiality' to signify their agreement on holding in-person church service without limiting the total number of persons who can attend the service. 

After Governor Newson learned about the campaign of church leaders across the state, he released guidelines for religious groups to follow regarding their services to the public. In the guidelines, Newsom announced that church services are only permitted to accept only 25 percent of the total capacity of the church building. However, the guidelines suggest that the total number of attendees allowed inside a church regardless of its total capacity should not exceed 100 people.

The office of the governor is yet to comment about the religious group's decisions regarding the guidelines. 

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Phase 3

Currently, the state is in the third phase of jump-starting the economy as hair salons and barbershops have been permitted by the state to reopen, according to an article. It means that the public can now get their haircut and hair styled by their local barber and hair salons. However, they should keep in mind that social distancing, wearing of face coverings, and frequent cleaning and sanitation should be observed by the public while outdoors. 

Moreover, people should be reminded that they still cannot get their nails done as nail salons are not included in Phase 3 of reopening the state.

Other businesses that are part of California's phase 3 of reopening its economy include gyms and movie theatres. Additionally, professional sports activities are allowed to resume operations. However, they are not allowed to gather a live audience for their events.