Tech giants Facebook, Inc. and Snap, Inc., developers of Facebook and Snapchat respectively, turned out to be the latest American companies that condemn racism in the United States as violent demonstrations ignited across major cities over George Floyd's death.

Floyed was a weaponless black man who died while under the custody of authorities last week, in Minneapolis.

These two leading tech firms followed other popular names such as Alphabet's Google, Intel Corp., Netflix, International Business Machines Corp. or IBM, and Nike, Inc. in taking public standpoint against the death of Floyd, calling out unjustness or discrimination African-Americans are experiencing.

Nevertheless, tech businesses like Google and Facebook, for years, have fought to suppress apprehensions about unfair treatment against African-Americans in the workplaces they respectively work in.

Also, black engineers in the companies mentioned stay underrepresented in their places of work in relation to the American populace.

Pressed to Take Stronger Action

Challenges the African-Americans are not expected to slow down or relax as the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to slow hiring and enforce remote work for their employees in the months ahead.

Employees of Facebook, on Monday, pressed Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive, to take stronger action against a provocative post by US President Donald Trump last week, about the protests in Minneapolis.

However, the chief executive, through his post on Friday, already said that Facebook would not be taking any action on the President's post. Specifically, he said he is committing $10 million to organizations that work on racial justice.

Seemingly, the death of Floyd has revived violence across the country on the treatment of African-Americans by police, dividing America both racially and politically.

Meanwhile, Evan Spiegel, the Chief Executive Officer of Snap, in an email while he criticized racism and called for raised taxes, told employees to develop a society that is beneficial to everyone.

Twitter, for its part, which according to reports, was, last week, "at the center of a fight with Trump over its move on his tweets" which included a warning over one about demonstrations, #BlackLivesMatter for a hashtag to its account information on the site.

Similarly, homepages of US YouTube and Google unveiled bore a notice stating they stood to support racism. Famous footwear manufacturer, Nike, had its iconic slogan flipped, which appeared to raise awareness about racial discrimination.

Rivals Unite in Fight for Racism

Even competing companies have joined forces to fight racism. Nike, in a video that earned more than six million views on Twitter, said, "For Once, Don't Do It." Its message urged the public not to pretend that "there is not a problem in America."

The shoe company also conveyed a message in the video, telling the people not to turn their backs on racial discrimination. Celebrities and even competitors, Adidas AG shared the same video on their respective social media accounts.

Nike released its advertisement on social media as part of its wide promotion in relation to equality. The company used the hashtag #UntilWeAllWin.

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