Patrick Van Negri is one of the most searched personalities of Miami. Being energetic, enthusiastic, and motivator, Patrick's life is full of his passion for work. He is one of the top social media influencers and content creators with his own blogging platform. For Patrick, life is work, work, and more engagement with blogging. He always says that even twenty-four hours are not enough in the day. His views about his work always remain under par as he thinks there is something which always pinches him to progress further with maximum efforts. Every time he feels that he can do better for his content creation for the blog or social media or meaningful discussions.

Patrick always keeps his morale high with a passion for achieving excellence in his work to grow further and become prominent. His story of blogging and social media influential begins with his girlfriend. He wanted to assist and boost her fashion blog with a more influx of traffic and clientele. During this process, he opened up his mindset by turning his social media profiles from private to public for personal exposure while assisting her girlfriend. This turned the table for the Patrick towards fortune. With this initiative, he abled to get plenty of followers on Instagram, and this was just the beginning. After receiving an excellent response from followers, he became more enthusiastic in this field and now devoting full time to his social media following and content creation for his blog.

This all did not happen haphazardly. Like many successful bloggers and influencers, Patrick says that he also has inspirations from multiple personalities from different sources such as friends and family. But for him, inspiration is not the physical existence but their gratitude, motivation, and hardship to succeed in life. He believes that failure is a way to learn from mistakes and get better direction. He says that fear and failure should be part and parcel like your best friends. He stresses that great things never come from the comfort zone. For this, you have to strive till death. Being a content creator and GQ insider, he advocates that hard work sets the legacy for other dreamers and achievers. This advocacy one day acknowledges by others when they align their journey on your struggles and path. Social media is a great platform to showcase yourself with your achievements and sagas. He says that it is an excellent way to quickly get attention, convey your thoughts and experiences, which ultimately creates a long-lasting relationship with your followers.

Patrick articulates that the world has become so smart and actively responsive. The days are gone when we need physical interaction to leave the impression on and influence others. With the advent of WWW and the internet, the world already broke the geographical boundaries among nations in the mid-90s. For him, the world is not only a global village; instead, it is continuously transforming towards smart relationships due to rapid progress in the fields of computing, electronics, and telecom engineering. He raises his voice in favor of such technological advancements, which has changed our life pattern and the way we get things done in life. Patrick points out that we should adopt new technologies and skills such as AI, VR, AR, chatbots, etc. if we want to remain in the top of the list with social media marketing influencer industry, as well as creative content creator and blogger.