These past few months might be hard to focus introspectively due to the current global pandemic. But that does not mean that you stop listening to what you are feeling and what your body needs.

One of the most beneficial downtime activities you could do alone is journaling. 

Journaling can be good for your mental health as it helps you manage anxiety and stress. It can also help you keep track of your moods by helping you identify problems, fears, and concerns.

If this is your first time to keep a journal, don't worry. Here are some journaling ideas that you could do:

1. Gratitude List

Our lives can be busy and sometimes we forget what we are thankful for at the end of the day, especially now that most of the time people are preoccupied with social media.

Examine what are the things that happened during the day that you are thankful for. It is always best to end the day with a grateful heart and a peaceful mind.

2. Self-Improvement List

May it be big or small, it counts. Doing this list gives you a sense of accomplishment after finishing one task to another. 

Before starting your day, list the things you want to accomplish for the whole day. Writing all your to-do stuff will give you a sense of accountability to finish the tasks.

3. Fitness Journaling

If you plan on being physically active, this is a perfect way to track your progress and regular physical activities. Seeing your progress motivates you to do more. You can also see which parts of your routine are working better for you, and which is not.

4. Trigger List

Write about the things that trigger your stress and anxiety. This way, you can keep track what things you need to avoid.

List down the reason behind those. This allows you to self-reflect and can teach you better how to best avoid these triggers.

5. Ideas List

If a great idea pops into your head, write it down right away. Ideas can be easily forgotten unless you write them down. You never know which of these ideas can lead you to an amazing opportunity.

6. Create a Bucket List

Think of your long-term goals that you need to work hard for today. This allows you to create a plan, which you can add a follow-up to.

Whatever it is that you want to have in the future, jot it down. May it be a new house, bigger savings or a new business.

7. Budget Journal

This is an ideal journaling idea if you are trying to keep track of your expenses. It will allow you to compare your expenses and incomes.

You can also track where you overspent last month and how you could adjust some expenses for the ideal amount of savings for you.

The good thing about journaling is you can do whatever it is you want to. You can create a sketch journal, a creative journal, or one with full writing prompts. It is customizable and has various uses for different people.

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