A lot of new Latin artists are making a new wave in the entertainment industry with their new musical ideas. One of these is Nicki Nicole.

Latina trap artist Nicole Cucco or famously known as Nicki Nicole is making noise in the music industry with her music. The 19-year old Argentinian single is currently signed with DALE PLAY Records and has recently appeared on Billboard's "Latin Artists to keep on your radar."

Nicole is currently being known in her country, and has a growing fanbase in the United States. Two of her songs already made it on Argentina's Billboard Hot 100 chart. These are "Wapo Traketero" and "Colocao."

"Wapo Traketero" is her most streamed song. Her most recent music "Colocao" was filmed during quarantine in April 2020. Nicole has gained four million followers on Instagram, and two million subscribers on YouTube. Many are guessing she will be known in the music industry in the years to come.

In November 2019, she released her album Recuerdos. The album is a mix of pop, R&B, and urban tones that made her a new voice in Argentina's music industry. Nicole's other songs are "Diva," "F**cking Diablo," "Nos Encontramos," "7 Lunas," "Me Gusta," and "Shorty."

Other Latino Artists

Aside from Nicole, there are also other Latino artists doing refreshing hits in the music industry.

Aron Luix is also ready to top in the music industry with his incoming debut single "Inocente," which is produced by Rude Boyz. Luix's new single is under WK Records and distributed by The Orchard. Watch out for his single on July 17.

Miami-based artist Bryanne has been dropping singles in English and Spanish. The 13-year old Latina artist has already worked with popular composers and producers such as Eliel "el que habla con las manos", Gaz Wez, Acid, and Wise "The Golden Pen."

The 18-year old artist David Bernal has already dropped his debut album "El Rey Verde" in July. He is signed under DEL Records. Colombia-born rising artist Antonia Jones is also surprising the music scene with her singles Pago Yo," "Aventurera" and "Sexo Sentido."

"Jones is an artist you should not sleep on," according to the Billboard.

The Mexican trio Eslabom Armado should also be on your list of Latino artists to look forward to with their romantic lyrics. The trio released their debut album "Tu Veneno Mortal," which is also under DEL Records.

Spanglish Duets

The other trend that has been increasing in the music industry is the Spanglish duets or a song with Spanish and English lyrics.

Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" dropped in 2017. This inspired "a revolution of bilingual collaborations and fusions of musical style."

This year alone, the music industry has noticed more artists collaborating with Latinos.

Tyga collaborated with Tyga for the "Ayy Macarena (Remix)' in February. The Black Eyed Peas also teamed up with Ozuna and J.Rey Soul for "Mamacita." This hit the seventh spot on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

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