Popular chat app Discord was down after it experienced a widespread Cloudfare outage, affecting other sites and apps like Postmates, Patreon, GitLab and others.

Discord was down at around 5 p.m. ET and lasted for an hour, reported The Verge. Cloudfare is a cloud technology that supports many websites and apps like Discord.

"Users are currently having trouble disconnecting to Discord due to an upstream internet issue," Discord tweeted.

They told through social media that engineers worked on looking into the issue. Cloudfare tweeted shortly after the outage was reported. They said the issue has been identified and a fix was being done.

Cloudfare CEO, Matthew Prince, later posted on Twitter that they acknowledged the issue and traced the problem back to a router in Atlanta, the Business Insider reported.

Prince said they are routing traffic across transit providers after they have isolated the Atlanta router and shut down their backbone.

This outage was the second time Discord was down this year. The service hit issues with connectivity in March.

Prince said there was a jam that caused the slow performance on the sites as the logging caught up. "Everything is restored now and we're looking into the root cause," he said. The company acted upon the issue and is "monitoring the results."

Discord can be seen coming back online slowly. The website iMore can now connect to the service using a UK based server.

They said the issue does appear to be connected to Cloudfare and not Discord.

Many web-based chat services like Discord have seen a great increase in demand and usage since the start of the pandemic. This is no surprise as more and more friends and families turn to these kinds of apps to stay in touch.

Facebook was faced with the same bug last week. It crashed along with music streaming app Spotify and dating app Tinder.

The issue with Facebook's outage was traced to a glitch in Facebook's software developer kit (SDK), which is in some of the other apps. The problem was solved later on.

Online Boogaloo Groups

While Discord is a popular service for gamers, it recently shut down one of the largest servers used by followers of an anti-government "boogaloo" move after a VICE article exposed it in June.

The term "boogaloo" was termed as a code for civil war. The group reportedly made its presence with anti-government movement, white nationalism and others.

The "Trust & Safety" team from Discord looked into the server reported on by VICE and found that it did violate the service's community guidelines for "threatening and encouraging violence."

In the Discord's action to stop the group, the server and the accounts of 2,258 members were deleted.

Discord said they took the matters "very seriously" and that they continue to monitor their service for any "bad actors."

Facebook also announced that it will remove groups that encourage the boogaloo movement, reported the NBC News. The social media giant said 220 Boogaloo Facebook groups and 95 Instagram accounts were removed for violating policies on organized violence.