Work from home is the new set-up that could sometimes feel monotonous. Rather than being in the office, many people spend the days of the lockdown working from home. Lack of motivation affects our productivity. 

At the beginning, working from home is like a relaxing way to work. As per the ABC, WFH is a struggle for newbies who could feel disconnected and unproductive as before.

4 Essential Elements to Avoid Work From Home Blues

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According to Entrepreneur, working from home helps circulate chemicals throughout our body in the nervous system and our bloodstream. These chemicals such as adrenaline, testosterone, and cortisol, dictates how we feel, speak, think, and behave. Most people whose work is telecommuting don't realize that we can actively manage the chemicals in our bodies. 

The first thing that will help you ease the work from home blues is through Physical Intelligence. This can detect and influence the balance of certain chemicals to our body to achieve less stress and to work lively and happily.

Through decades, physical intelligence techniques have been used, usually from the world of sports and arts. These categories fall under neuroscience. Hundreds of physical intelligence techniques can be incorporated into our daily lives. 

Here are four elements of physical intelligence that will help you avoid work from home blues:


This element is composed of perseverance, planning, and toughness. Endurance is needed when you need to exert extreme patience or effort over the long term. It is advised to allocate the first two hours of your day to the most important tasks and learn how to encourage and appreciate yourself to have the endurance. Having aligned- values and core purpose will improve motivation. To add, language has a great impact on motivating others.


Following the same old routine may decrease motivation and may lead to distraction and worries. Improving the capacity to think creatively and innovatively will help you be inspired again. Flexibility is important nowadays that work is implemented in a divert way in response to the current situation, particularly the pandemic.


Positive thinking while working from affects the dopamine (happy hormone) and cortisol production. The feeling of being rewarded will make feel motivated. On the opposite side, when you are feeling disappointed, angry, or unhappy about what you are doing, it will negatively affect your body's dopamine or cortisol. 

If you are working with your children or with a team, you must have the strength to feel fully engaged. In that way, you can speak and behave in a way that others won't notice that you are struggling with the situation. 


According to the award-winning personal development book "Physical Intelligence," resilience is one of the elements that will help you remain optimistic in times of disappointment. With this element, you will be able to bounce back from adversity and challenge yourself. 

These four elements of Physical Intelligence techniques will motivate yourself and enhance productivity throughout the work from home setup.

We hope this article could help you get away from that work from home blues. Besides, there are also so many other things that you can enjoy while working from home. It means you can have more time with family and you can also have time for yourself.

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