A Florida man accused of killing his wife and three children in their own home wrote a letter from his jail cell, claiming that his wife poisoned their kids and then killed herself.

The man, Anthony Todt, allegedly made the murders at their Celebration, Florida home near Disney World.

He said his wife, Megan, gave the children poison with a dessert. Anthony claimed that the poisoning was done by giving the children "Benadryl/Tylenol PM pie."

The letter, addressed to his estranged father, Robert Todt, also detailed how the alleged killing took place. He said his wife separated the children, woke up late in the night and "stabbed and then suffocated each one" of their children.

According to Orlando Sentinel, the letter is a 27-page-long and was written by 44-year-old Anthony in Osceola County Jail. It was dated June 19. He asked his father to keep the letter "in confidence."

His three children namely Alek, Tyler, and Zoe are 13, 11, and four years old, respectively.

How did Todt know his wife did it?

Anthony said he came home from doing maintenance at a nearby condo they owned, finding his wife sitting on the stairs. He claimed that the woman confessed the murders to him, reported Fox News.

"At the news of this I ran to the bathroom and puked - I was weak," he wrote in the letter. He continued, saying his wife later on drank a bottle of Benadryl and stabbed herself in the stomach.

For Anthony, depression played a major role in the deaths of his entire family because his wife suffered from the illness, among some others.

The letter penned by Anthony was copied by the Orange-Osceola County State Attorney's Office. It was released to the newspaper as a response to a public records request.

Why explain this now?

Anthony has been in prison since his January arrest. Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson even said Anthony first confessed to murdering his family and their dog, Breezy. But now, he said he is "10000% INNOCENT of all these preposterous charges."

With months past his arrest, Anthony explained why he hasn't come forward with the information he disclosed in the letter. He said he wanted to call for a press conference months ago, but he was told by his lawyers that it was not the right way to handle his case.

As his attorneys were some of the best in the state, he listened and decided to "sit in idle, making a list of lawsuits [for] when I get out."

A WESH 2 News report said three Health and Human Services special agents came to their home in January to serve a warrant for health care fraud. At the time, officials asked Anthony where his family was and they were told Megan was asleep.

Authorities found the dead bodies in the upstairs master bedroom. One agent said a knife was seen on the windowsill. When they took Anthony, he claimed that he had taken some Benadryl. Agents said they found the drugs in the home.

An autopsy report said Megan and the two older children had been stabbed, while the youngest child showed no signs of trauma.

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