There's plenty of recent iOS 7 tweaks that will allow you to use your jailbroken device in a way you never used it before.

Here are some of the most useful tweaks for iOS 7 available to you.

Disablemute (Free) is a tweak that is super-basic and super-useful. If you've ever been in the middle of an important phone call and accidentally hit the mute button with, say, your ear, now your friend can no longer hear you and thinks you've hung up on them. That's where Disablemute comes in handy: All it does is disable the mute key. It prevents you from ever accidentally muting your calls. This free tweak is available on Cydia.

Full Name For Messages (Free) is another basic but useful tweak. If you're tired of iOS abbreviating the names of the people you text, use Full Name and your "Bill from Accounting" won't be shortened to Bill. BigBoss offers this tweak for free.  

SpotDefine (Free) transforms the spotlight search function to include a dictionary. Now you can look up a word quickly just by using your phone's spotlight search. It's a free tweak, and it's available on Cydia.

Pluck 2 ($0.99) gives users access to their phone's music controls right from the lock screen. They can pick out their favorite song without having to go into the music app. The app costs $0.99, and it's available on Cydia. 

Appellancy ($1.99) is a tweak that lets you unlock your phone with facial recognition. It's useful and fun and gets rid of the tedious punching in of your passcode. The tweak gives you security and prevents unauthorized usage of your phone.

What's your favorite iOS 7 tweak for your jailbroken device? Do you prefer tweaks that make your phone faster? Or make it easier to use? Any other tweaks that you use? Leave a comment below.