What a company does during a period of obstacle usually measures how successful it will be in the future. US-based vertical advertising platform Bidwise has recently raised half a million dollars in convertible debt from advertising platform Ad.net. to fund growth and acquisitions of its media division. For the past two months, Bidwise has been on an acquisition spree acquiring media properties that covers a range of topics from DJing to camping

The company was founded by Latinos Simon Vielma and Oscar Mederos. The duo raised half a million dollars which will be used for further expansion of its media platforms. Bidwise was recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America. In 2019, it ranked 341 among other companies as it generated $2.1 million and had a three-year growth rate of 1,354%.

The company has also since expanded into new marketing verticals which include: personal finance, insurance, and mortgage.

Bidwise team: Co-founders Simón Vielma (CEO), Alla Sheptulia, Oscar Mederos and Ariel Rodríguez. Photo courtesy of Bidwise.
(Photo : Bidwise)
Bidwise team: Co-founders Simón Vielma (CEO), Alla Sheptulia, Oscar Mederos and Ariel Rodríguez. Photo courtesy of Bidwise.

Bidwise on tapping into growing demand for effective advertising

It has been trying times, to say the least, for most businesses in all sectors. Bidwise, through its further expansion, aims to serve more businesses by providing the solution for them to have far more effective targeted advertising. 

Despite the current economic pressures that COVID-19 has caused many businesses around the world, the company sees untapped opportunity in the growing media and advertising landscape where the need for effective contextual advertising and high quality leads are on the rise. 

Such growing need has placed businesses such as Bidwise, known for its advanced technological capabilities, outperform its competitors and better poised to tap into the opportunities presented by the growing advertising landscape. 

The company aims to fortify its position as it aims to serve more businesses in various verticals such as insurance, home services, insurance, and shopping. The opportunity presents the dynamism of Vielma and Mederos as they look to emerge stronger amid these troubling times. 

The future of advertising

Bidwise is a user-friendly advertising platform known for serving in-demand products closer to customers that are already in search of them. It accommodates several spheres of products ranging from online shopping, automotive, jobs, insurance, home services, and most recently, financial services. 

Bidwise, popular vertical advertising platform, raised half a million to further fuel its growth
(Photo : Bidwise)
Bidwise, popular vertical advertising platform, raised half a million to further fuel its growth

They stand out among other advertising platforms by presenting their clients' products in front of the consumers at exactly the right time, especially at the period when they're right at the verge of a purchasing decision. 

Following the mantra that "timing is everything" in business, Bidwise makes use of an advanced technology that learns the user's search intent and responds with well-suited ads from their advertisers. As a result, ads being served match the consumers' search intent, and inevitably increase the conversion as a result. These result in more clicks for the ads and consumers are taken directly to the advertisers' website.

As its name suggests, Bidwise is a wise solution for advertisers looking to make better converting ads. First, it takes the supply and demand relationship to a whole new level by specifically matching the users' search intent to the relevant ads of clients. This leads to more completed transactions. 

Also, their system makes use of customer touchpoints where consumers are at the "buying decision" phase. This weeds out passers-by or visitors who may be at a different level of their purchasing journey (for example: those who are simply looking for general information) and channels the ads to high-quality placements that reach out to customers that are already in the process of buying the products or services. 

The platform also features easy campaign creation and management. Its clients rave about not having to manage ad groups or creatives. 

Bidwise lets clients worry less about campaign production and spend more time satisfying their customers. All clients need to do is select the product categories or keywords and Bidwise does the rest. To top it all off, Bidwise facilitates an efficient system by doing away with long-term commitments. Any client may pause or cancel their advertising campaigns at any time.

Well-suited for the changing times

Bidwise is at the forefront of a new advertising environment that uses a "direct response" from the consumers. 

The last two quarters of 2020 has seen data consumption ballooned with the increase of social media and streaming services use. As more industries and countries continue to open up and more sectors begin to operate, Bidwise has taken bold yet precise moves in tapping into promising industries and strengthening the company's offerings for the future.