This week, the World Cup got many Latino stars excited. But they also took the time to post about other things, such as the above picture of Eiza Gonzalez and an inflatable fish that she called Nemo. Here are other things you may have missed this week:

Eiza Gonzalez has proved time and time again that she loves the beach. This week, she picked a nude bikini and hit Zuma Beach. She even poked a little fun at herself when she posted another picture of herself with a surfboard. Though she said she was ready for the challenge, she knew she was missing her wetsuit.

Jennifer Lopez told Billboard that she no longer felt she had anything to prove. The stunning singer shared pictures from her shoot, where the 44-year-old looked simply amazing.

William Levy is officially back on Twitter. He has been posting to the social media account for the last few days, and he's been actively watching the World Cup. In the above picture, he thanked someone for giving him treats and gifts, which are a miss of Kentucky and Brazil themed items. He later expressed his support for Brazil, Spain and Mexico.

Selena Gomez showed off a black-and-white snap, where she explains that she got to play pretend. "I was many characters," she said.

Sebastián Rulli is another celebrity that joined Thalia's anti-bullying campaign. He posted a picture of himself with a green sign, which says, "Bullying is not a game."

Zoe Saldana may be feeling overwhelmed by the World Cup. She said, "Omg! 64 egging games! I'm going to die!!!! What country are you rooting for?" Later she cheered for Mexico and posted a picture of her TV, where she was supporting Spain.

Angelique Boyer shared a picture of the "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" cast, where she also took the time to appreciate the people she works with. "Nothing better could have happened to me today," she said. "Than to be by your side! I love you with all of my heart."

Eva Longoria encouraged fans to drink more water. She teamed up with Brita and YMCA to share her simple message. "Had so much fun today kicking off summer with @BritaUSA and @YMCA to encourage everyone to drink the healthiest beverage around: #DrinkH20. #SpreadtheWater"

Demi Lovato shared off her multi-toned purple hair and said that sometimes (or maybe all the time for her) you just really don't care. She also managed to show off her jewelry and fun manicure.