Selena has become a powerful icon even after 25 years of her passing.

The Queen of Tejano Music remains to be remembered with her music played out at parties and other places.

With her iconic life, her biography comes with numerous adaptations, including the 1997 biographical musical drama that brings people to tears, and recently a Netflix series depicting her rise to fame, as reported by We Are Mitu.

Aside from these adaptations, her life remains to be foundational to the building of some Latino identities.

After a Netflix biopic, a nine-episode podcast entitled "Anything for Selena" is set to be released in January 2021. The nine-episode narrative podcast was produced by Futuro Studios and Boston's NPR station WBUR.

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Host Maria Garcia will be discussing the star's journey to understand the late pop icon's artistic effect and how she symbolizes the bicultural community's desire to belong.

The podcast will not be biographical, unlike other media projects that focused on the singer's past. The program contains cultural analysis, history, politics, and storytelling that will explore the cultural duality of Selena.

The podcast will also discuss how two decades after her death, she remains an essential image for understanding the Latino identity.

"What I'm most interested in is how this apolitical, working-class, beautiful girl from South Texas changed Latinidad and how we talk about race and belonging in this country as well as how the symbolism she sparked is as relevant and utilized today as ever before," Garcia said in a report.

Garcia aspires to look at Selena's contributions to music, politics, and identity through numerous interviews, including some of Selena's relatives.

Garcia will also be sharing her own experiences as a queer first-generation immigrant from the Texas-Mexico border. 

Garcia's Background

Garcia was born in Mexico and moved to El Paso, Texas when she was three years old. She spent her weekdays north of the border and her weekends in Ciudad Juarez.

She then discovered Selena in a male-dominated genre and presenting the complexities of her identity and culture with pride and flamboyance.

"Selena was truly the first example I saw in mass media of someone who embodied these qualities of myself who I thought, in my young easily influenced brain, were flawed. She was the first example I saw who celebrated these parts of myself I was still trying to make sense of. That was profound for me, and it stayed with me," Garcia noted in a report.

Garcia emphasized that "Anything for Selena" is written and told from a personal lens that will most resonate with fellow Latinos and children of immigrants.

You can listen to the audio trailer for "Anything for Selena" here. It can be accessed through Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Garcia will also discuss why so many people were disappointed with Selena's Netflix series on Twitter, as reported by WBUR.

She will be talking about her journey, examining Selena's life and legacy during her music career and the legacy that the singer left behind.

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