When is the last time you took some time for self care and to pamper yourself? If you are struggling to remember the last time then it has clearly been too long. Not taking the time for self care can lead to a wide range of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. If we want to be our best and boldest selves we must make sure we take time to care for ourselves. This is especially important after the year that we have all experienced. What self care looks like for you may not be what it looks like for someone else but in the end the important thing is to do whatever works for us. Self care is not scary, it is simply taking intentional time for ourselves, and to feed our bodies, minds, and souls. Everyone can do self care.

Treating Ourselves 

There are times when we do not have the bandwidth to deal with self care, or at least do not think we do. In these moments sometimes the best solution is to reach out to others. Sometimes this looks like ordering curated gift boxes for ourselves and allowing someone else to pick our self care treats. Sometimes this looks like reaching out for help on tasks that are taking a lot of energy. Ordering your groceries online and having them be delivered can be self care if you will struggle to have yummy nutritious food otherwise. Self care can look like letting others do tasks you do not have time for or which are stressing you out. Treating ourselves reminds us that we are worthy of treats which can give our self confidence a real boost.

Creating Sanctuary

Creating an area or place of sanctuary in our homes is another form of self care. This can be as simple as taking a chair and covering it with cozy blankets, taking a window sill and covering it with plants such as succulents which take little care, or creating a small altar to the people, ideas, and places that give us hope. Creating a place we can slow down and take a break from the stresses in our lives can help us be refreshed. It doesn't matter if you have a ton of space, or live in a tiny apartment you can still find a spot to be a place of sanctuary. The world tends to push us all to go, go, go and if we do not have space set aside where we do not get those messages, we tend to forget that we sometimes have to simply stop and breathe. No one is able to be on, all the time, without burning out. 

Showing Ourselves Grace

Sometimes the best self care is simply to show ourselves grace and listen to ourselves. Maybe this looks like taking out the candles and having a candlelit dinner even if it is just for you. Maybe this looks like using really nice lotion to pamper yourself. Maybe this is being realistic about what you have the time and energy for and running the dishwasher twice or deciding you are not going to get around to folding your laundry. What we need to remember is that putting ourselves first is important in life and remember we will never be able to do everything that we want or feel like we need to do. Show yourself grace in your struggles because grace is the foundation of self care.

Self care is something that we all need and something that we all can accomplish in our lives. Treating ourselves when needed, creating sanctuaries for ourselves, and showing ourselves grace are all ways we can do self care. No matter how busy you might be, how long your to-do list is, or how much energy you have available it is important that you put self care first. Self care will help you stay physically healthy, help your immune system, and help you stay mentally strong. Knowing all the benefits of self care, what is standing in the way of you taking the steps you need to take to make sure that self care is part of your day to day?