Hacks from Russia and China drove the White House to weigh a new approach in reinforcing their cybersecurity. The growing cyber threats, which are not detected by the intelligence agency of the federal government, are the driving force of the Biden administration and Congress to harness the security.

The New York Times reported that the attacks came from the inside of the United States, making them undetected to the early warning system of the National Security Agency.

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U.S. Cyber Security and Attacks

Threats from outside the United States can be detected by the NSA. However, when it comes to security breaches from the inside, it gets tricky because federal law prohibits intelligence agencies from running surveillance in the U.S., as it is considered against the privacy of the American Population.

The attack launched from the inside of the United States is from the servers, which are run by giant companies, such as Amazon, GoDaddy, and smaller domestic providers. However, the hacks were still detected by the private security firms but not by any government agency.

The Slates Bulletin noted that the American expertise firms are cautious with the sharing knowledge of American intelligence businesses, even though the knowledge that will be shared is a simple warning like malware. Meanwhile, firms stated that instead of sharing vulnerabilities, they would prefer if the government would authorize sturdy and legal responsibility protection.

Recently, an attack that victimized small businesses and other systems was detected, affecting Microsoft Outlook. At least 30,000 organizations from the United States are said to be compromised.

Although Microsoft developed a patch to cater to the holes in their system, the Chinese hackers have left backdoors to deploy ransomware. The hackers use the ransomware to lock the computer systems of the organization or the victim, and will only be unlocked when payment is made.

On another hand, Anand Market shared that the Department of Homeland and Security's Cyberspace and Infrastructure Security Agency's Einstein's System that is tasked to monitor incursions and potential attacks were not able to detect the Russian hacking incident. It affected nine federal departments and agencies.

White House on American Intelligence Agencies

Although the attacks or the recent hacking came from inside the borders of the United States, which makes them invisible to the alert system of intelligence agencies, the White House has no plans of directing Congress to reassign the Intelligence Agencies in operating from the inside of the United States.

"I don't want the intelligence agencies spying on Americans, but that leaves the FBI as the de facto domestic intelligence agency to deal with these kinds of attacks," said Senator Angus King, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

White House and other officials shared that to reinforce cybersecurity, they hope to set up real-time threat sharing arrangements with private companies. The federal government can then link them with intelligence agencies, which can give the private companies an earlier warning on the threats.

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