DC MPD Confirms Hacking Incident on Department’s Server

D.C. MPD Confirms Hacking Incident on Department’s Server

D.C. Metropolitan Police District confirmed a hacking incident on their servers. The department sought the help of the FBI in investigating the case.
White House Considers Overhauling Cybersecurity Amid Hacks

White House Considers Overhauling Cybersecurity Amid Hacks

White House considered partnering with private companies to detect and give an early warning regarding threats on Cybersecurity.
Over 450 million of the 626 million residents of Latin America were online. More so, a similar number of residents owned a mobile phone.

Latin American Leaders Optimistic About Digitization

Reports have it that like the other countries of the world, Latin America is also going digital along with the advantages and disadvantages that such a transformation entails.
Mexico continues to abuse and ignore the rights of its citizens.

Mexico Caught Spying on Journalists and Activists' Smartphones

Stuff that makes you think twice about what you send and snap.
The Tex-Mex chain suffers another setback and customers are at risk for identity theft.

'Most' Chipotle Restaurants Hacked By Malware

One more reason to buy authentic tacos.
Hacking Team in Latin America

Latin American Governments Paid This Company to Spy on Their Citizens

The Italian spyware company Hacking Team provided services to governments across Latin America, some of which were used to spy on political dissenters, journalists, and other non-criminal targets, according to a new report.
Young Latina Takes A Selfie

Shop by Taking Selfies: Amazon's Approach to Secure Online Purchasing; Foolproof Mechanism Included

Amazon wants you to use selfies instead of passwords to verify your identity when making purchases online in the future, if a recent patent filing is any indication.
Spaceballs 12345 Password Gag, Worst Passwords

The Worst Passwords of 2015: '12345' Is Not a Good Way to Secure Your Data

Technology may be rapidly evolving toward the future, but the way most of us secure it sure isn't. For the fifth year in a row, cyber security firm SplashData has released a compilation of the past year's worst passwords, many of which also happen to be the year's most popular passwords. Go figure.
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CISA Passes Senate: What Is It and Should the Internet Be Worried Yet Again?

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) with an overwhelming 74 to 21 vote. So what is CISA, and should the Internet's denizens be worried about the new legislation? Here's a primer.
Chrysler recalls 500,000 Jeep, Dodge, Ram SUVs

Jeep Hacking Recall 2015: Is Your Car, Truck or SUV on Chrysler's List of 1.4 Million Vehicles?

On Friday Chrysler issued a formal recall for 1.4 million cars, trucks and SUVs on the road right now. The specified vehicles are vulnerable to software-based attacks allowing hackers to take control of several vital systems remotely. Welcome to the 21st century.

Social Media Sunday: Twitter's Embattled CEO Dick Costolo Leaves, YouTube Takes on Twitch, and at Facebook, Your News Feed Reads You

This week in social media, Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo stepped down as the company faces a life-or-death transition into an uncertain future.

Google, Facebook, Tech Firms Urge Obama Not to Undermine Encryption

More than 140 tech companies wrote to the President Tuesday imploring that encryption standards not be compromised in a world where protecting data is becoming evermore important.
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Unbelievably Sophisticated Spyware Infected Computers Worldwide for a Decade -- Report

If you didn't know just how advanced the National Security Agency's digital spying programs were, you will (probably) after reading this.
IBM Security, Valentine's day 2015 dating apps android

Valentine's Day Dating App Dangers: IBM Finds Most Android Dating Apps Vulnerable to Hacking Attacks

Don't get your heart broken this Valentine's Day, but also make sure you don't get your personal life cracked as well. According to a recent report, the majority of dating apps are quite hackable. And for every extra feature offered, more details of your personal life are vulnerable to violation and possible theft.
Obama Signs Executive Order for Silicon Valley Cyberthreat sharing initiative

Obama Announces, Signs, Executive Order for Cyberthreat Cooperation with Silicon Valley

President Obama addressed major Silicon Valley players at Stanford University on Friday afternoon, as part of an official White House summit on cybersecurity and cooperation between the technology industry and the government.
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White House Announces New Agency to Combat Hacking: The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center

The Obama administration has announced the formation of a new national security agency focused on combatting cyberattacks by facilitating intelligence sharing between government agencies called the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC).
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