Threat Level Thursday: You Can Use Internet Explorer Now and Change Your Passwords

Threat Level Thursday brings you two simple messages today: You can finally use Internet Explorer and change your passwords!
Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed Bug Not Scary Enough, Pew Research Shows

Heartbleed, the proposed "worst vulnerability" ever, was apparently not scary enough. New research shows that not even half of those aware of Heartbleed took the precaution of changing their passwords.

Cybersecurity Bill Makes Initial Rounds

U.S. Senators circulated an early draft of a bill increasing cybersecurity collaboration between the government and firms to public and private officials Wednesday in hopes of avoiding any future conflict on the matter.

Target Hires New CIO DeRodes After Data Breach Fallout

Target announced Monday that the company had hired senior information technology advisor Bob DeRodes to step in as executive vice president and chief information officer in light of last year's major data breach.
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White House on Heartbleed: Disclosing Cyber Vulnerabilities Not Always Easy, Defends NSA

In light of recent cybersecurity scares such as Heartbleed and the recent Internet Explorer zero-day exploit, the White House revealed on Monday that disclosing some of these vulnerabilities to the public isn't always the easiest of choices to make.
Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed Bug Prompts Tech Juggernauts to Increase Open Source Funds

Tech juggernauts are joining forces in light of the recent Heartbleed scare in order to prevent such open source catastrophes in the future.
Heartbleed Bug

Threat Level Thursday: Heartbleed and Android

Remember Heartbleed? Discovered two weeks ago, the Internet exploit sent ripples through the technosphere due to the fact that around two-thirds of the world's websites were affected. It's not just servers, however, that are vulnerable to Heartbleed.
Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug Not Inserted Deliberately

The Heartbleed OpenSSL Internet bug that was discovered last week and has quickly become one of the most infamous exploits ever wasn't inserted into the code deliberately, says the German software developer who accidentally let the exploit slip by unnoticed.
Heartbleed Bug

How the Heartbleed Bug Was Discovered

Heartbleed is the new scare on the Internet -- an exploit with such a widespread blast zone that two-thirds of the world's websites are believed to have been vulnerable to the bug. Although Heartbleed flew under the radar for more than two years, four engineers were able to uncover what some are calling the worst Internet exploit ever.

Target Credit Card Breach: Positive Side is Increased Cybersecurity Dialogue

The massive Target security breach last December resulted in the largest theft of retail data ever in history, but is there a good side to it? Some seem to think so, and most point to the increased awareness and vigor concerning cybersecurity.
Heartbleed Bug

'Heartbleed' Bug Has Everyone Worried, Here's Why

A newly discovered Internet security exploit dubbed "Heartbleed" has cybersecurity experts scrambling thanks to the implication that millions of usernames, passwords, credit cards, and other personal information have been vulnerable for more than two years.
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Target Credit Card Breach: Stolen Cards Being Used in Denver

The fallout from last December's massive security breach at Target has been contained in the digital sphere and courtrooms -- until now. Denver police are now on the hunt for a man believed to be using credit cards stolen from that breach.

Target Credit Card Breach Lawsuits Consolidated in Minnesota

Target's legal woes stemming from the December security breach will now be consolidated in Minnesota thanks to a new order from the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, moving 33 lawsuits from seven states and 18 districts to the retailer's home state.

Target Credit Card Breach: Banks Sue Retailer and Security Firm

Target is receiving more flack for the December security breach as two banks filed a lawsuit against the nation's No. 3 retailer for not properly protecting customer data.

Target Credit Card Breach: Senators Criticize Retailer for Not Acting on Warnings

Target's woes only seem to grow as the retailer is now facing major criticism from U.S. government officials about its failure to act on warning signals that could have prevented December's massive security breach that made off with an unprecedented amount of consumer personal records.

Cybersecurity Framework's Three Main Points Highlighted by US Treasury Official

Highlighting the U.S. government's increased involvement in advancing the nation's digital infrastructure, U.S. Treasury official Amir-Mokri explained why it is important for the Obama administration to be involved in the fight against cybercrime Wednesday.
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