Social Media Saturday: World War III Announced on Hacked Twitter Accounts

Meanwhile, Snapchat wants almost $1 million for disappearing ads, advertisers are Pinterest for a fool, and Facebook announced Amber Alerts and AI tools for everyone.
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Obama's Call for Student and Consumer Data Protection Laws: Critics Already See Cracks

This week, President Obama called for new laws protecting Americans from the kind of massive data breaches that defined the consumer cybersecurity narrative in 2014, along with a proposal to limit technology companies' use of student data.

The Top Tech Stories of 2014 Shaping the Future of the Internet in the U.S.

This year, more than any in recent memory, we awoke to the realities of the problems and promise inherent in what has become our hyper-connected, 21st century lives.

'Masque Attack' Cybersecurity Bug Affects iPhone and iPad Users

The U.S. government issued a warning to iOS users Thursday that vulnerability in the mobile operating system allows hackers to steal sensitive data.
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Most Experts Expect a "Major Cyber Attack" in the Next Decade - Pew

Cybersecurity is an issue that's not going away, and according to a new report from the Pew Research Center, it's likely to only become more critical in the future. Surveying a number of Internet experts, Pew found a consensus that the next decade will be filled with more cyber attacks, with bigger consequences.

Threat Level Thursday: Spying Hurts US Economy, Passwords Should Be Gone, and More Cyber Victims

Welcome to this week's Threat Level Thursday, where we find out how the government's spying efforts are wreaking havoc on the economy, what the White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel thinks of passwords and the scope of the JP Morgan breach.

Threat Level Thursday: More Snowden, Yahoo Encrypts, the Safest Mobile OS, and the Air Force

In this week's Threat Level Thursday we get another dose of Edward Snowden, see emails getting safer, which mobile operating system trumps the other in keeping the baddies out, and the Air Force joining the cyber fight.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook and Foursquare Unbundle Their Apps, While Twitter Drops Bing Translate

This week in social media, both Facebook and Foursquare implemented a piece of their separate-app strategy -- both leading to some controversy. Meanwhile, Twitter quietly removed Bing translation, a feature it added in time for the World Cup this year, likely because it wasn't really ready for prime time.

Threat Level Thursday: Microsoft Fights on Multiple Fronts, Cash Influx, and the NSA's Chokehold

In this weeks Threat Level Thursday we take a look at Microsoft (twice), the influx of cybersecurity funding, and of course, our friendly neighborhood watchman, the NSA.
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Threat Level Thursday: iOS Security, Tor Anonymity, HHS, the Navy, and Exploiting an Exploit

In this week's Threat Level Thursday we have iOS, Tor, and the U.S. Department of Health and Services all susceptible to ailments of some kind while a former Navy official recommends leniency in cybersecurity's infancy, and of course, something just plain ol' mean.

Threat Level Thursday: Cybersecurity, Laws With Loopholes, Energy Crisis and Go Microsoft

Welcome to Threat Level Thursday, where this week we will listen to the White House "talk" about cybsecurity, watch lawkmakers make laws with loopholes, realize that our energy sector has been under attack, and give Microsoft a thumbs up for standing up to Big Brother.

Threat Level Thursday: Yo, Kill Switches, Health Records, and Miley Cyrus

Another week, another hack. In this week's threat level Thursday we'll touch upon Yo, kill switches, health records and, yes, even Miley Cyrus.
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Threat Level Thursday: Hackers Don't Like Working for the Government, Anonymous and Pizza

What's going on this week in the world of cybersecurity? For starters, we have a government hiring problem, another government agency stepping into the cyber fray, a World Cup under fire and, naturally, pizza being exploited.
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Anonymous vs. World Cup: How Much Damage Has the Hacker Group Done So Far?

World famous hacker group Anonymous made a promise earlier this year: it would disrupt the World Cup through #OpHackingCup. We're now almost one week into the tournament. Let's take a look at how much damage Anonymous has wrought.
Domino's Pizza

Hackers Demand Ransom from Domino's Pizza in Europe

Cyber criminals have struck again, only this time, they've decided to go through the gut. Hackers in Europe made off with 600,000 customer accounts Friday and threatened to release the data if their demands were not met.
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FCC on Cybersecurity: Service Providers Need to Beef Up Defenses

The growing threat of cybersecurity has drawn many new faces into the battle. It isn't just hackers and victims anymore — there are governments involved now, too. The FCC is the latest arm of the U.S. government to join the fray, offering to provide regulatory guidance to network service providers if they can't step up security for their customers.
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