A Maryland mom was placed behind bars after stabbing her three-year-old daughter in the neck using a pair of scissors.

Authorities said Anne Catherine Akers is now facing multiple charges, including one count of attempted second-degree murder, one count of first-degree assault, and one count of first-degree child abuse.

According to Crime Online, the disturbing incident happened in Montgomery County in Maryland. A family member immediately called 911 after seeing blood on the floor at the victim's home on Saturday morning. 

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Maryland Mom as the Suspect

Authorities, who immediately responded to the call, found Anne Catherine Akers, 28, under a blanket on her bedroom floor with a wound on her neck. 

The Maryland mom was cradling her daughter in her arms. Police then saw a life-threatening wound on the girl's neck.

"Officers removed a blanket Akers was holding observed her three-year-old daughter with a life-threatening laceration on her neck," the Montgomery County Department of Police said in a statement.

Police also found a pair of bloody scissors on the floor, making them believed that it was the suspect's weapon used to harm the toddler, Fox 5 reported.

The officers immediately began a life-saving procedure on the toddler. The three-year-old girl was escorted by Fire and Rescue personnel in a helicopter to a local hospital. The toddler was reportedly in critical condition.

The physician from the hospital where the girl was brought credited the officers' life-saving measures on the child. The physicians noted that without the officers' life-saving efforts, the child's wounds would have been fatal.

Police said the Maryland mom is now being held without bond at the Central Processing Unit. No motive has yet been established by authorities who are working on the case.

Maryland Crime Rate

As of March 30, Maryland's annual crimes were recorded at 145,157, according to Neighborhood Scout. Among these numbers, about 27,456 are credited to violent crimes. 

On the other hand, 117,901 are recorded to be crimes concerning properties in Maryland. It is also estimated that one in every 220 people in Maryland can become a victim of violent crime.

Among these violent crimes, 542 were considered murder, while 15,798 were classified as assault.

Montgomery County did not also make it to the cut of the top 10 Safest Cities in Maryland as analyzed by Safewise. Safewise noted that Maryland has higher violent crime rates than most of the states. The report also indicated that 50 percent of people from Maryland say that their personal safety was affected by the COVID pandemic.

Meanwhile, Akers' bond review happened at the Rockville District Court on March 29. A judge ordered the Maryland mom to meet with a psychiatrist to determine if she's mentally fit to stand trial for murder. 

Court records showed that Anne Catherine Akers filed a complaint on custody of the girl in 2019.

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