Jeffrey Epstein's pal, Ghislaine Maxwell, is now facing two more charges after U.S. prosecutors expanded their criminal case against her on Monday.

The new Manhattan federal court indictment charges Ghislaine Maxwell with sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking of a minor that involves a new accuser, according to The Guardian.

Ghislaine Maxwell was originally charged with helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit, groom, and abuse minor girls by enticing them to travel. Little the victims know that they will be subjected to illegal sex acts, Forbes reported.

With the new charges, the British socialite now faces eight total counts based on four minor victims' accusations, Crime Online reported.

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Jeffrey Epstein Accomplice

The new indictment referred to the new accuser in the case as "minor victim-4." The accuser expanded Maxwell's participation in Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse and activity by seven years, or from 1994 to 2004, rather than from 1994 to 1997.

In the initial indictment filed against Maxwell, only three teenage girl accusers were noted by the court to be recruited for a sexual act between 1994-1997.

The new accuser alleged that she met Maxwell at Jeffrey Epstein's Florida home around 2001. She was 14 years old at that time.

Maxwell allegedly groomed her "to engage in sexual acts with Epstein through multiple means." The activity was pursued even though the victim informed Maxwell that she was below 18 years old.

The victim was also contracted to give nude massages to Jeffrey Epstein in his residence in Florida. He also "engaged in multiple sex acts" with her, and Maxwell was allegedly there.

The indictment furthered that Maxwell asked "minor victim-4" about her life and family. Inappropriate behavior was also shown to the minor such as discussing sexual topics in front of her. 

The court documents further noted that the victim and Maxwell received monetary payments from Jeffrey Epstein, and they were paid in cash. Gifts coming from Epstein were also given to the victim. One of them is lingerie that is sent to the victim's residence in New York.

Jeffrey Epstein and His Misconducts

Federal prosecutors charged Jeffrey Epstein with one count of sex trafficking of a minor and one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking in July 2019. He was denied bail ahead of his trial.

According to a Town & Country report, Epstein did not plead guilty on both charges filed against him.

Law enforcement confirmed on August 10, 2019 that Epstein did take his own life at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

Unfortunately, because Epstein is already dead, the cases filed against him were all dropped. But questions regarding the crimes can be answered through the cases filed against Maxwell.

Maxwell is awaiting a trial that is scheduled to take place in July. It is set to happen in Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Lawyers holding Maxwell's case have yet to issue a statement regarding the new indictment.

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