A 'gender reveal' stunt in Mexico turned into a tragic accident and resulted in the death of two individuals.

The expecting parents and their family and friends gathered on a boat to witness the 'Cessna 206' which was scheduled to fly over them.

Based on the video taken from the gender reveal, the plane was seen flying over the beach while emitting a pink smoke, which prompted guests to shout 'nina,' which means 'girl' in Spanish. But seconds later, the camera then pans around and captured the small aircraft crashing into the waters of Cancun.

The Quintana Roo Nautical Associates, which is a private nautical business association, said that incident occured Tuesday in the Nichupté lagoon in Cancun. The nautical association also added that they assisted in the rescue operations.

According to ABC News, the attorney general's office in Quintana Roo confirmed on Thursday that the first victim died during the plane crash itself while the second victim died after the rescue operation. The individuals who died in the plane crash have not been identified by the Mexican authorities.

The plane that crashed was rented from a company called 'Xomex,' Business Insider reported.

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Moreover, a local media outlet in Cancun reported that four individuals were aboard the plane when it crashed into the sea. After the incident, responders from the southeastern state of Quintana Roo immediately answered the call for help, La Prensa Latino reported. 

Also, the president of the Nautical Association of Quintana Roo, Francisco Fernández Millán, shared that the emergency services tried to rescue the passengers, but unfortunately, one died while the rescue was still ongoing and the other one died while receiving first aid. The Federal Civil Aviation Agency also launched a separate investigation to find out what caused the crash.

'Gender Reveal Gone Wrong'

The recent crash in Cancun is not the first case of an accident that happened that was related to gender reveal across the world. The evolves as some soon-to-be parents try extreme risks just to outdo other gender reveal stunts in the past.

A soon-to-be father died and his brother was severely injured when they tried to build a device that is consisted of some pipes in revealing the gender of his baby, but the experiment resulted in an explosion in a garage which caused his death. The 28-year-old, Christopher Pekny died while his brother 27-year-old Michael Pekny was injured while making a makeshift device. The brother who was injured suffered damage to his knee, but luckily, it was salvaged and rebuilt by doctors at a hospital in Middletown, where now he remains in a stable condition.

Furthermore, another incident occured weeks earlier, after 26-year-old, Evan Thomas Silva, was fatally struck by an exploding cannon that was fired at a baby shower. Silva, who is from Hartland, was also one of the guests of the celebration when the homeowners decided to fire a small cannon-type device in the backyard, which resulted to Silva's death based on police reports.

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WATCH: Two killed when plane used for gender reveal crashes in Cancun- VESA Channel