President Joe Biden is set to announce his actions in controlling gun violence in the United States, as well as the nomination of the new director that will take charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The President's declaration of six executive actions on Thursday follows the country's recent mass shooting events, USA Today reported.

It can be recalled that a mass shooting that occurred inside a grocery store in Colorado last month claimed the lives of 10. The tragic incident gathered law enforcement vehicles outside the grocery store, including SWAT teams and at least three helicopters in the area. A law enforcement officer is one of the 10 victims of the devastating mass shooting.

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President Biden on Gun Violence

The Biden administration's actions regarding curbing gun violence spreading throughout the United States include a directive that the Justice Department will have to issue proposed regulations on "ghost guns" or unregistered guns that could be assembled from parts, The Guardian reported. The Justice Department should issue the regulations within the next month.

President Biden has gone under immense pressure from gun safety advocacy groups and Democrats, pushing him to address gun violence following the mass shooting incidents in Colorado, California, and Georgia.

Moreover, President Biden will also give directives on the Justice Department in developing a model "red flag" law. This will allow individuals to petition a court for police to seize firearms away from people who can be a threat to safety. States will adopt this. However, several other states like Colorado have already enforced this kind of law.

The President is also set to announce investments in community violence intervention programs, according to an Associated Press report. These programs are geared toward reducing gun violence in urban communities across five federal agencies.

President Biden pledged to prioritize new gun control measures during his campaign period. Biden noted that as President, he would enact universal background check legislation, ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and online sales of firearms.

During his tenure as vice president under the Obama administration, Biden was tapped to lead the gun violence prevention efforts. However, gun control advocates have been disappointed by the administration's lack of early action.

President Biden's Nomination of the New ATF Director

President Biden is expected to announce David Chipman as the new ATF director. Chipman currently serves as an adviser to a gun control advocacy group. The ATF is presently run by acting director Regina Lombardo.

Gun advocates have noted that the ATF director is expected to enforce gun laws in America. Chipman served as an agent in the ATF for 25 years before joining Giffords' gun control group. He also served in the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Attorney General Merrick Garland will join President Biden on Thursday in announcing their plans of action regarding gun violence. The President has also proposed a $5 billion investment in community violence intervention programs over eight years under his infrastructure package.

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