Disney and ABC Entertainment chief Dana Walden revealed that ABC passed on some scripts that did not meet the network's diversity standard. The comment was made by Walden during a panel discussion in an event organized by Chapman University and Glamour on April 9, 2021, according to a report from Hollywood Reporter.

The scripts that ABC passed on were described by Walden to be "well written." However, it did not meet or satisfy their standards when it comes to inclusion.

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Disney and ABC Chief's Revelation

In the previous year, ABC has announced a new set of "inclusion standards" on and off the screen, according to a Fox News report. The network's announcement follows the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police.

"I will tell you for the first time we received some incredibly well-written scripts that did not satisfy our standards in terms of inclusion," said Disney and ABC Chief Walden.

Walden also admitted that the network also said no to a show about a white family that would have included a diverse cast of friends and neighbors, according to a Mail Online report.

Walden noted that the said show will not air anymore because the show is not a reflection of their target audience. "That's not what our audience wants," said Walden.

Apart from the revelation of ABC saying no to well-written scripts, Walden also revealed that Disney is set to announce the new Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) programming initiative in Hulu.

"It is a programming that is by BIPOC storytellers, for BIPOC audiences," said Walden, adding that the movement is arranged by executives of color, and high leaders of their organization. Tara Duncan, the current president of Freeform was tapped to oversee the new BIPOC programming.

Meanwhile, head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke, who is also present in the panel, noted that she saw huge changes, and aggressively stepping out will make the changes happen.

ABC's Inclusion Standards

ABC's new inclusion standards are made of four major domains, that aim to strengthen representation in the primetime programs. In a copy that was acquired by The Hollywood Reporter, inclusion standards of the network include on-screen representation, creative leadership below the line, and industry access career development.

The said standards are also composed of areas that are needed to be abided by shows that wish to be aired on the network. For example, shows must adhere to at least three of the first standard called on-screen representation, which includes the number of actors, characters, and secondary characters from Underrepresented Groups.

Furthermore, ABC also included the integration of Underrepresented groups in the overall storyline and episodic themes and narratives. Meanwhile, the shows in the network lineup already incorporate diversity when it comes to titles.

"I feel good about the direction we're moving," said Disney and ABC's Chief Dana Walden in the event entitled Women in Focus: Women, big Tech, and the Future of Hollywood.

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