A teenage couple was arrested by the authorities after killing the girl's father in Las Vegas. The couple allegedly planned to run away together to Los Angeles before stabbing and planning to dismember the victim's body, according to a report from Fox News.

Authorities identified the body of the victim as Daniel Halseth, according to a report from New York Post. The authorities furthered that Halseth's body was killed before it was intentionally set on fire. The suspects were arrested by law enforcement officers in Salt Lake City in Utah.

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The Murder of Daniel Halseth

The tragic death of Halseth was discovered by the authorities when the victim's mother could not contact him, Las Vegas Review Journal reported. Halseth's mother called the authorities and asked for a welfare check on 8400 Block of Dunphy Court, the place where Halseth's stabbed and burned body was found in his garage.

Fox 5 noted that the suspects are identified by the authorities as Anthony Guerrero, 18, and Sierra Halseth, 16.

The authorities' search on the Las Vegas home of the victim revealed a large burn area in the living room with blood nearby. The law enforcement officers also discovered a chainsaw on the floor and a hand saw in the kitchen. The police pointed out that there are blood and tissues on the saw and in between the hooves of the saw.

Two pocket knives and extra blades, which according to the authorities might have been cleaned to remove blood were also found in the scene. Because of the findings, the investigators confirmed that the couple tried to tear apart the body of the victim and tried to set the house on fire.

Meanwhile, Halseth was confirmed to be the ex-husband of Elizabeth Halgelien, the youngest woman to be elected in Nevada's Senate. Moreover, the victim was arrested in 2011 following a domestic violence incident involving his former wife.

Halgelien noted that she had a connection with Halseth even after they separated emphasizing about $1,300 were taken in their joint account. Authorities did not give details if this was connected to Halseth's murder.

The Couple Behind the Murder

The investigators tailed the couple through surveillance footage showing Guerrero and Halseth's daughter leaving the neighborhood using the victim's car. Meanwhile, another footage from separate stores revealed that Halseth's daughter buying bleach and orange juice while Guerrero was buying the saws and gloves.

Guerrero's parents disclosed with the authorities that their 18-year-old and Halseth's daughter dated from June 2020 to December 2020. Guerrero's parents also noted that the victim notified them about their kids' plan on running away together. The parents agreed that the kids should not have contact with each other.

Fox News also noted the ex-wife of the victim claiming that Halseth is having issues with his daughter before his death. The issue particularly revolves around the couple's relationship. The couple's warrant was issued on Friday and the two were arrested for murder on Tuesday.

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