Games always play an important role in our lives, not just for entertainment, but also for cognitive and physical development. Just an hour of gaming can help you grow your personality.

Here are some important qualities you will develop by playing games. Here are some reasons how gaming can positively affect your life just playing an hour a day.

Effective problem solving practice

Games like Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, chess, and many video games are the best way to develop problem-solving skills. Games give you a chance to try different methods for solving the problem without the fear of losing something. 

Improves communication skills

The best way to enhance your communication skill is to play multiplayer games. Researchers said games build social connections in actual life. They teach you to play as a team and communication is the basis for winning as a team. It teaches to convey messages most effectively.

Improve hand-eye coordination

People who play video games daily have better hand-eye coordination. They have to control a joystick by continuously watching their gaming screens. People who play carom have also stronger hand-eye coordination as compared to those who don't.

Logical thinking

Many board games help in the development of critical thinking. You will start understanding the big picture of how things work. Some games help you use your logical part of the brain. Coding games also dealt with a logical approach.

Swift decision

You will learn quick decision-making. Games like PUBG, Free-fire, Call of Duty, these survival games will make you capable of making decisions within seconds and reacting immediately. Taking another example from board games is chess, make strategies within a period of time and respond to your opponent's move. This is the best game to train your mind for making fast decisions.

May increase creativity

It is hard to come up with new ideas but you can also develop this quality by playing various online games. Many Puzzle games help you build creative strategies and encourage you to foster more creative work by presenting rewards for your work in the game. It induces a positive mood, that good mood enhances your creative skills exponentially. Gaming also increases the production of dopamine in the brain.

Leadership Skills

Almost all of us have a desire to have honed leadership skills. Games put you in critical situations where you have to overcome obstacles with strategy, precision and working with one's qualities. The game develops the most important vision, acting with integrity. Games help to prioritize teamwork. 

Reduce stress level

In a bustling busy world, games act as a great stress buster. Research shows that playing a game is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It creates a flow state, releasing dopamine. Whenever you complete the challenge in the game, it will reward you for overcoming the difficulties which provides you proficiency. Games give you a break from your hectic life and take you to a different world where you can enjoy yourself as a new character and forget all your worries. We need positive things in our lives. Games such as Solitaire have effectively proved beneficial in reducing stress level. You can play Solitaire games on AARP Games and Arkadium Games.

May help to become better surgeons

Yes this is quite shocking, how video games help surgeons to attain mastery in their field. Performing surgeries is like playing games, surgeons operate their instruments by watching and controlling through a monitor screen similar to a video game console. Playing games teaches you to control your gaming console and joystick in a controlled manner that is what you need while doing surgeries. A study shows who played for 180 min/week have a low error rate.

Learning to better multitasking

Games contain different operations like searching for weapons, fighting off enemies which help you learn multitasking efficiently. This multitasking quality helps you in authentic life. Gamers can switch from one task to another task much faster than non-gamers. Gamers can control their fingers' movements.

Gaming not only helps to improve your mental stability but also improves your physical capability. A person who is suffering from physical pain can distract himself for an hour by playing video games. Take some time off, relax for a while. Gaming, in healthy amounts, is wonderfully beneficial.