Over the last decade, social media usage has grown exponentially. Currently, more than 3.8 billion people around the world are actively using social media platforms. Social media platforms have grown big allowing influencers and companies to market products and services to many users. People are constantly rushing to various social media platforms to share what they like with their networks. Social media has become the go-to tool for communicating and sharing information with others. Social media has also given rise to social media marketers who help influencers and brands promote products and services by making use of their massive following and network reach. 

Efthymios, a young entrepreneur from Greece is among the many social media marketers. At 16 years old, he has created a promising social media marketing career that everyone wants to use his services for their needs. He uses Instagram as his leading social media marketing platform. His first ever challenge was to mobilize followers to his Instagram account, something he worked hard to achieve. Currently, he enjoys a massive social media network reach on Instagram, reaching over 3 million users who are actively engaged with his content and regular updates.

Efthymios has worked with many rappers, Instagram models, and businesses, and has helped them increase their brand awareness and their personal accounts. The one thing that keeps brands constantly attracted to his services is the unique aspect that enables him to have a personalized connection with most of his followers. He has been able to attract and manage big brands and celebrities through constantly making new friends while learning new things and sharing his knowledge. He is always positive, striving for the best in everything he does. He acknowledges that it's challenging to build trust and win the trust of clients. His learning and understanding of social media have enabled him to start his own social media marketing agency.

Social media marketing is a competitive industry that requires one to be updated on the latest events and trends. he has been able to make a name for himself in the industry thanks to his ability to master the art of keeping up with all social media trends, especially those relevant to his client's brands. He makes sure that he continues his learning and growth in the industry.

Efthymios advises all social media marketers, especially the upcoming ones, to keep being resilient and set attainable step goals. Social media marketing is not just about posting a lot of content. There are strategies involved to be successful as a social media marketer. There are a lot of skilled marketers, and hence identifying the platforms that one is interested in can make all the difference. Learning from the best should always be on one's list, and there should never be hesitation to learn and grow from different people.

Through his digital agency, Advanced Media is providing social media marketing services to individuals and businesses. He can be reached on his Instagram account where he is very active.