After a video capturing the deadly police shooting of Adam Toledo was made public, the Chicago City Council Latino Caucus said the footage clearly showed that the 13-year-old boy was unarmed at the moment a cop shot him.

"There is no question of what transpired... The body camera footage shows that Adam Toledo was an unarmed child with his hands up when he was shot by a Chicago police officer," the Latino Caucus said in a statement as reported by CBS Chicago.

The Latino Caucus further noted that the Latino teen stopped and raised his hands as directed by the police, but that still did not prevent him from being killed.

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The Shooting Incident in Chicago's Little Village

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) released nearly 30 pieces of video and other materials related to Adam Toledo's case on Thursday or 16 days after the incident.

Footage showed Adam Toledo standing by the side of Ruben Roman, 21, on a street corner of 24th Street and Sawyer Avenue in Little Village when several shots were fired in the early morning of March 29. Both then ran into a nearby alley.

The police officer, who shot Adam Toledo, chased the teen down the alley, ordered him to stop, and showed his hands.

A slow-motion version of the video from the cop's body camera shows Adam Toledo standing sideways in a large gap in a wooden fence with what looks like a handgun in one of his hands behind his back.

But when the police officer opened fire, the footage shows the teen has raised his hands, and they appeared to be empty. Another video shows Roman on the alley's ground and getting handcuffed.

Adeena Weiss Ortiz, a lawyer for the Toledo family, said they are exploring legal action against Eric Stillman, the cop who shot Adam Toledo.

Ortiz said it's an assassination if one shoots an unarmed kid with his arms in the air, Chicago Sun-Times reported. She acknowledged that Adam Toledo appeared to have something that "could be a gun," but stressed that it's not relevant because the teen has tossed the firearm.

Latino Caucus Pushes for New Police Oversight Ordinance

The Latino Caucus is now calling for the passage of an ordinance dubbed the Empowering Communities for Public Safety to create a new commission of community members with civilian oversight of the police department, among other changes.

Initially backed by the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability and the coalition for a Civilian Police Accountability Council, the ordinance will give communities a choice over electing a civilian commission to oversee the Chicago Police Department.

It will pave the way for the creation of an 11-member board that would be given a voice on the department policy and police accountability. The Latino Caucus has called Adam Toledo's death "a tragedy by all measures."

On Friday, hundreds of people marched through the streets and gathered in Logan Square Park to demand justice for Adam Toledo.

Many demonstrators also said that they were there to protest a policing system that is no longer working, and they wanted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to hear that message.

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