Football player Jordan Reed announced his retirement, as he wraps the recent National Football League season this past winter. Reed's decision of walking away from the sport entirely, stemmed from the health concerns that resulted from his in-game concussions.

The Pro Bowl player disclosed with USA Today that he started observing signs from his body saying that "something wasn't right." Reed was known to be completely out of NFL season in 2019 due to a helmet-to-helmet hit and concussion during a preseason game in Atlanta.

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Jordan Reed and the Reason for His Retirement

After multiple concussions including the one he had in 2019, the player knew that he needed to stop participating in the game, Yahoo! Sports reported.

Reed had experienced episodes of blurry vision, to the point that he needed to seek medical attention.

"Before I was able to ignore it and not think about it too much," said Reed. The player added that when he deals with "stuff" his situation becomes realistic and makes him ponder about what he needed to do.

Reed pointed out that retiring is "definitely" the right decision as of the moment. Apart from his recent concussion, Jordan Reed had another concussion before joining his current team, the 49ers, 49ers Webzone reported.

During his playing career, Reed was known to suffer from a total of seven documented concussions. Moreover, the player also had several other concussions when he was still playing for the University of Florida.

"After the big hit in Atlanta, I was dealing with a blurry vision and things like that," said the NFL player. Jordan Reed added that he was also experiencing the same symptoms when he participated in the games last winter, which prompted to his decision of taking things seriously.

The player noted that if the symptoms did not linger, he would have kept playing.

Jordan Reed's NFL Career

Jordan Reel was known to be one of the most unstoppable tight ends in the league. Moreover, he was also able to earn Pro Bowl honors in 2016. USA Today noted that without his concussion, Reed will be able to garner more awards.

Through his eight NFL seasons, Jordan Reed was able to catch 355 passes for 3,602 yards. He also has had 28 touchdowns throughout his tenure as an NFL player.

"As I look back on my career, I'm grateful for my time," said Reed as he expressed being appreciative of his accomplishments in the NFL. Reed also noted that he will treasure his memories as a player forever.

Reed highlighted that he is "okay" with his decision to retire. Apart from his health, his family is also a factor in his retirement. The player noted that he wanted to be with his children at all times.

Jordan Reed also shared that there has been improvement in the NFL's education and rules regarding the protection of players and reduce the risk of brain injuries. However, he shared that if he had a son, he would not allow him to play football unless he sees that the game has "evolved to become safer."

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