The Authority came out Monday night to address the Money in the Bank (MITB) main event ladder match, which will be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, informing the WWE Universe that one slot will be decided in a Battle Royal, featuring everyone on the roster except those that have not "evolved" (meaning The Shield and John Cena). Stephanie McMahon also mentioned that the last slot would be decided in a Stretcher match between Cena and Kane.

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler had the match in hand, but the wily Rollins managed to hit Ziggler with his Peace of Mind finisher before his former cohort Dean Ambrose bum-rushed the ring, attacking Rollins, giving him the win over Ziggler by disqualification.
Winner: Seth Rollins via disqualification

Intercontinental Champion "Bad News" Wade Barrett vs Dean Ambrose (non-title)
Triple H came out to the ring after Rollins' match was over and told Ambrose he had some bad new before scheduling in match against Barrett. Rollins reappeared at ringside, which triggered Ambrose chasing him into the stands and getting counted by the official, giving the match to Barrett. Ambrose did deliver some bad news after the match, hitting Barrett with a Dirty Deeds to send a message to Triple H.
Winner: "Bad News" Wade Barrett via disqualification

United States Champion Sheamus vs Bray Wyatt (w/ The Wyatt Family) (non-title)
The WWE Tag Team Champions, the Uso brothers, came down to ringside to assist Sheamus against the odds advantage Erick Rowan and Luke Harper gave Wyatt. The Usos proved to come in handy for Sheamus, who earned the win after interference from the creepy clan, taking out their future MITB opponents with the help of the "Celtic Warrior" and a ladder.
Winner: Sheamus via disqualification

Heath Slater vs Rusev (w/ Lana)

Slater's week went from bad to worse, with 3MB having broken up earlier in the week and then being scheduled in a match against Rusev, who finished "the One Man Band" with the Accolade.
Winner: Rusev

Mixed Tag Team Match: Adam Rose & Summer Rae vs Fandango & Layla

Layla and Summer Rae continued their rivalry with the ladies brawling all over the outside of the ring, distracting Fandango long enough for Adam Rose to nail the dancer with the Party Foul. After the match, Kevin Hart, who was doing commentary, joined Rose and his "Rosebuds" to celebrate their victory.
Winner: Adam Rose & Summer Rae

MITB Qualifier Battle Royal
After manipulating Smackdown general manager Vickie Guerrero, Reigns found himself in the battle royal to decide one of the empty slots for the MITB main event. Bo Dallas and Rusev shined but were eventually tossed over the top rope after Reigns, who made the most of his opportunity to earn a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the MITB event.
Winner: Roman Reigns 

WWE Divas Champion Paige vs Cameron (non-title)
The young champion continues to improve with each match, since defeating former champion AJ Lee, this time fending off E! Total Cameron, making her submit to her PTO finisher for the victory.
Winner: Paige

Ryback & Curtis Axel vs Goldust & Star Dust
After weeks of looking for a new tag team partner for Goldust, Cody Rhodes found the perfect person to fill those shoes -- Star Dust (which was Cody Rhodes dressed in a similar fashion as his brother Goldust). The siblings seemed to be clicking again, after weeks of going through a losing rut, with Star Dust hitting an Inverted Bulldog off the top rope on Axel for the win.
Winner: Goldust & Star Dust

MITB Qualifier - Stretcher match: John Cena vs Kane
In the first Stretcher match on Raw in 10 years, Cena fought off Randy Orton and Seth Rollins with help from Dean Ambrose before managing to nail Kane with the Attitude Adjustment onto a stretcher, pushing the gurney and "The Big Red Monster" past the finish line to earn his slot in the MITB main event to finish show.
Winner: John Cena