A fight broke out between Jake Paul and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather during their promotion of an upcoming boxing match.

This happened on Thursday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Jake was present at the event to help advertise his brother Logan Paul's fight against Mayweather, which is set to take place on June 6.

Mayweather called the two brothers "two fake fighters," according to a Daily Mail report.

"The only thing that's fake on this stage is Floyd's f**king hairline," Logan returned.

Logan, 26, and Jake, 24, only recently started fighting competitively in boxing after being popular YouTubers.

The Paul brothers then took a jab at the 44-year-old Mayweather's age. Things turned physical when Jake snatched Mayweather's cap.

Jake and Mayweather had a few punches before bodyguards were eventually forced to break up the fight.

Jake was left with a minor injury.

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Mayweather and Paul

Meanwhile, the two are not officially fighting. The two men will share a boxing ring and audience will pay a price for the privilege of watching them do whatever it is they will do, according to Yahoo Sports report.

Mayweather and his bodyguards chased Jake, and one of the bodyguards had managed to land a punch to the eye of Jake.

Mayweather shouted "I'll kill you motherf-----" to Jake several times after the fight broke out.

"The world knows what I'm going to do," Mayweather was quoted in a Boxing Scene report.

He added that he is willing to fight both brothers on the same night.

"I stole his hat because he steals people's money with boring fights," Jake was quoted in a report.

Jake added that there is a word circulating that Floyd is sending goons to try to hurt him and kill him.

Jake released a new cap on his website, dubbing it as gotcha hat. It is worth $25.

Paul Brothers

Logan recently showed support for his younger brother Jake as he currently faces charges of sexual assault by TikToker Justine Paradise.

Paradise had accused Jake of assaulting her at his Calabasas home in 2019, according to a Sportskeeda report.

Paradise released a 21-minute video on April 9, wherein she recounted her alleged assault at the hands of Jake, adding that he had forced himself on her without consent.

Jake has strongly denied the allegations and labeled those as "100 percent false."

He also released a statement on Twitter, referring to the accusations as "manufactured" and a "blatant attempt for attention."

He then said that he would fight till the end to prove his innocence. He received the support of his older brother Logan.

Logan made reference to the MeToo movement, saying it can be extremely damaging towards the victims who experience real abuse.

"Our client believes that any false allegations diminish the credibility of those who have truly been victims of misconduct," Jake's attorney released a statement regarding the matter.

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