A toddler was found lying dead on a Texas street on Saturday morning with multiple wounds. Authorities suspect that this might be a murder case that took place in the Mountain Creek area of Dallas, Texas, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The law enforcement authorities from the area are still looking for the suspect and the motive for the death of the child. NBC Dallas Fort Worth noted that Dallas Police Department units, including child abuse and homicide, and the FBI's crime scene unit were called to assist in the incident.

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Toddler Found Dead on Texas Street

The body of the boy was discovered by the authorities at around seven in the morning in front of a home in the 7500 block of Saddleridge Drive near West Wheatland Road and Mountain Creek Parkway. Authorities pronounced the victim dead on the scene, believing that the child is aged between four and five years old. Furthermore, authorities believe that the child lived in the area, yet the boy was not identified by the authorities.

"Unfortunately, a small child was lost today in our city through a violent act," said Executive Assistant Chief Albert Martinez. Martinez added that they were shocked, and they are "very angry about what has happened to the small child."

New York Daily News noted that the child had multiple wounds in his body when he was discovered by the authorities. The police officers suspect that "an edged weapon" was used in the heinous crime. Chief Martinez underscored that the incident was investigated as a murder case, believing that the crime occurred around five in the morning.

The Dallas Morning News noted that the officers canvassed the area for footage and sought the help of the public for information "especially neighbors who may have knowledge or any video" regarding the incident.

How Was the Toddler's Body Discovered?

At around 6:40 in the morning, a passerby who was identified as Antwainese Square was having her morning walk when she discovered the body of the boy. Square shared in NBC Dallas Fort Worth that at one point she thought that the body was a dog in the street. Square contacted 911 when she got closer and realized that it was a body of a child.

Square furthered that the boy "didn't have shoes" and shirt while he laid on the street. Blood and bite marks on the boy's face were also witnessed by the passerby.

"For a kid to have to go through that, that's just disturbing, and that's disturbing for me to carry all day," Square said.

Chief Martinez vowed that they would pursue justice and find out who is responsible to bring "some sort of closure not only to the family but to the community."

Around 2:30 in the afternoon, a hazmat team arrived to clean the circle of blood that dried up in the Texas street where the body of the dead toddler was found. The Dallas Morning News noted that the street or trail is popular for biking.

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