Facebook reversed their policy removing posts that say COVID-19 is man-made or manufactured. The Facebook ban lifting was confirmed by a spokesperson of the social media giant with Politico, which acknowledged the rekindled debate about the origin of coronavirus.

New York Post reported that the move of the social media giant also echoed President Biden's order on the U.S. Intelligence in investigating the said Chinese laboratory which is possible where the notorious virus came from.

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Facebook Backpedals on Banning Posts Saying COVID-19 is Man-Made

The social media platform spokesperson, who was not named, said that their decision to reverse the Facebook ban is also aligned with the ongoing investigation of COVID-19's origin as well as the consultation with public health experts.

"We're continuing to work with health experts to keep pace with the evolving nature of the pandemic," said the social media giant's spokesperson underscoring they will continue "to update" their platform's policies when new facts and trends become available.

Earlier in the year, Facebook has banned posts claiming that COVID-19 is manmade or manufactured, as well as other misleading health claims on their platform. Politico noted that the social media giant has been working and consulting global health officials as they updated their policies against false and misleading information pertaining to COVID-19.

"Facebook is supporting the global public health community's work to keep people safe and informed during the coronavirus public health crisis," said the social media giant in their statement in December. The tech giant also noted that they will continue to "prohibit" contents that utilize the pandemic for commercial gains. Facebook also noted that their company invested around $100 million in the news industry as well as supporting fact-checkers.

The Federal government has placed pressure on the social media companies for controlling the misinformation that is revolving in their platforms. Politico noted that the founders and developers of Facebook, Google, and Twitter were summoned in a hearing in March tackling the issue.

Despite other social media saying that misleading claims violate the roots of their policy, the reversal of Facebook ban on posts saying COVID-19 is manmade marks the first prominent social media platform that revisited their policies and rules in the light of the Wuhan lab leak theory that may explain how COVID-19 promulgated globally.

Wuhan Lab and COVID-19 Origins Resurfaced

The Facebook ban reversal on "manmade COVID-19" posts comes as a report from the U.S. intelligence revealed that some Wuhan Lab researchers had fallen ill with symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19 and common seasonal illnesses. It was reported to be at least three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The U.S. intelligence agencies shared a theory explaining that the virus causing COVID-19 leaked because of a lab accident. Another possibility was also furthered, saying that the virus might have been promulgated to humans through an animal host.

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