Actor Joe Lara from "Tarzan: The Epic Adventures" and 6 others were presumed dead by the authorities after a plane crash that occurred in a Tennessee lake. The Federal Aviation confirmed that the Tarzan actor, his wife, and five others were reported to board a small jet on May 29, Saturday, that crashed into Percy Priest lake near Smyrna after it took off from a nearby airport at around 11 in the morning, according to an Associated Press report.

The said jet plane was originally headed to Palm Beach Florida but was not able to reach the destination due to the incident.

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Tennessee Plane Crash Kills Tarzan Actor Joe Lara, 6 Others

Rutherford County Fire Rescue Captain Joshua Sanders confirmed that there were no survivors in the recent plane crash. Earlier on Saturday, officials confirmed that at least an individual died in the crash. Apart from Joe Lara who died at age 58, six other victims were also identified as Gwen Lara, Brandon Hannah, David Martin, Jennifer Martin, Jonathan Walters, and Jessica Walters.

"Our efforts have transitioned from a rescue effort to that of a recovery effort," said Captain Sanders, adding that they were not looking for live victims at that point.

The plane crash prompted an investigation and search from the Rutherford County rescue crew. The said rescuers were still at the scene on late Saturday to continue with their search through the night.

Rescue crews also discovered debris and identified parts of the aircraft Cessna C501 in the lake. Entertainment Weekly reported that Dive teams also discovered human remains, citing a mid-day update from the Rutherford County Fire Rescue. The said debris was approximately half a mile wide.

The plane crash that killed Joe Lara and his wife, Gwen Lara, who is the founder of the Remnant Fellowship Church, is still under investigation. National Transportation Safety Board officials pointed out that the investigation could take up to two years to complete.

The said investigation headed by National Transportation Safety Board was also a multi-agency investigation as Rutherford County Sheriff's Office and Federal Aviation Administration also responded at the scene.

Tarzan Actor Joe Lara Career

Joe Lara was best known for his role as Tarzan in the CBS television movie "Tarzan in Manhattan" in 1989. Born in San Diego, California, Joe Lara debuted as a model before playing the role of Tarzan in the 22 episodes of 1996 and 1997 Tarzan: the Epic Adventures. Lara was also the producer of the show that was shot in South Africa.

Apart from Tarzan, Lara also appeared cast in several action films including "Steel Frontier," "Warhead," and "American Cyborg: Steel Warrior. In 2000 he also became a country singer as he released his album "Joe Lara: The Cry of Freedom."

Tarzan actor Joe Lara married his wife Gwen Shamblin,who founded the faith-based diet program "Weigh Down Workshop," in 2018. Before his death in the plane crash, Lara last appeared on television in 2018.

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