Thalia has been showing us that she's a big supporter of the Mexican team, but she's not the only one who has taken to social media to cheer on her team. These other celebrities are just as invested in the World Cup as she is.

William Levy has decided to spread the love. The Cuban's country may not be in the mix, but he has rooted for Mexico, Spain and Brazil. Can't wait to see who he ultimately decides to support.

Gisele is obviously cheering her home country of Brazil. Her social media accounts has shown her to be very enthusiastic about the game. "Vai Brasil!!!!!" she said.

Maite Perroni is 100 percent backing Mexico. She was well accompanied during Mexico's first game. She wore a jersey and happily celebrated the team's first victory.

Zoe Saldana has rooted for both Brazil and Mexico. The actress is doing the best job at keeping up to date with the games as she's tuned in to the June 17 game between Mexico and Brazil. Instead of picking one team in this situation, she said she was getting goosebumps from listening to the Brazilian fans.

Sebastián Rulli does not hesitate to pick between Brazil and Mexico. The "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" star is standing with Mexico. The Argentinian star wore his jersey proudly.

Juanes was thrilled to see Colombia win. He even shared this picture of the Christ the Redeemer statue wearing a Colombia jersey.

Pitbull may have been made fun of for his outfit choice at the opening ceremony, but the rapper said he was always representing Miami. Perhaps that's why he has decided to put his support behind the United States.

Adriana Lima is another Brazilian who stands with her team. She shared a collage of herself in a Brazil jersey, and she said, "Let's go Brazil! Let's go my gold boys!"