Instagram had released a new addition to its features, wherein users are allowed to select multiple photos for posting in one post - the Instagram carousel. It can be applied for different uses. But first, one has to know how the Instagram carousel function works.

How To Do Instagram Carousel

You can use the Instagram carousel feature by pressing and holding the first photo or video you want to include in your carousel until the number 1 appears in the corner of the photo, according to The Verge report.

For Android users, there will be a "Select Multiple" icon above your photo gallery. You can select up to 10 photos for your carousel.

You can also re-order and then add them back in their correct order. Once all of the chosen photos were selected, choose the "Next" arrow in the top right, wherein users will be allowed to edit or apply a filter to one or all of your photos.

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Instagram Carousel for Brand Reach

Instagram carousel can help users if they want to further their brand's reach, with more than 83 percent of IG users discovering new services and products on the platform, according to a Tail Wind App reportThis feature can also be used to share a before-and-after reveal, which shows the real-life effects of your products or services.

In addition, it adds up a promise of a reveal, which further sparks curiosity, according to a Later blog post.

Instagram carousel posts also allow users to target a range of audiences through content. In this way, you could cater to the targeted audience without alienating wider platform users. It also allows you to add details in your post while also encouraging engagement with a call-to-action caption.

However, there are also some downsides to creating Instagram carousels. Sometimes posting 10 photos in a carousel does not keep the short attention span of someone scrolling through Instagram, as pointed out by a Live Love Run Travel report.

Meanwhile, sponsored content or content advertising a brand typically receives lower engagement. However, Instagram has developed a system where users get an extra chance for engagement that normal posts do not get.

Instagram shows the users' content, and if no one engages, they show the second image in the carousel, which gives it another chance for engagement.

Encourage people to swipe through your carousel and view the rest of your photos. You can always give them a preview of what comes next by telling them what they can see when they swipe over.

Instagram Update

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is working on some new features which the platform will become handier for visually impaired users.

The upcoming features include the text-to-speech feature on Instagram, whereas the second one shows the availability of the time before the posted story expires, according to a Digital Information World report.

Instagram said through its new update that it will be able to help around 285 million users who are visually impaired.

Substitute text is assigned automatically in the description of the images. The alternative description can be played through the screen reader.

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