California topped the states with the most dog attacks in 2020 as experienced by the United States Postal Service (USPS) workers.

The USPS released the total number of mail carriers bitten by the dogs while on duty last year as part of its National Dog Bite Awareness Week public service campaign that runs from June 12 to June 18.

The USPS said that aggressive dog behavior poses a serious threat to their employees as well as the public. Apart from the state ranking, the postal service also announced that at least 5,800 USPS workers experienced dog attacks across the U.S. in 2020, New York Post reported.

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California Named as State with Most Dog Bites in 2020 by USPS

Increasing their number of dog attacks in 2020, USPS noted that California ranked first once again with a total number of 782 dog attacks last year. 

Texas ranked second with a total number of 402 dog attacks in 2020. On the other hand, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania ranked third, fourth, and fifth according to USPS, with a total of 369, 295, and 291 dog bites, respectively.

The USPS data also revealed that the said five states remained on their post from 2019 when California garnered at least 777 dog bites.

However, the succeeding four states in the USPS 2020 rankings showed that Texas, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania had a decrease in their dog bites or attacks. In 2019, the four states sustained 491, 378, 323, 320, respectively.

Meanwhile, the city of Houston topped the ranking with the most number of cases of dog bites or attacks on mail carriers. In 2020, USPS revealed that Houston had a total of 73 dog bite incidents. Chicago comes next, and Los Angeles made up the top three cities with the greatest number of mail carriers bitten by dogs.

Silive reported that the dog attacks in the USPS data were composed of nips, bites, and vicious attacks.

"Dogs are instinctive animals that may act to protect their turf and that's why it's important to inform the public about this campaign," said USPS acting employee safety and health awareness manager Jamie Seavello.

Seavello further highlighted the importance of raising awareness about dog bite prevention while protecting their employees delivering the mails.

USPS Reminders in Preventing Dog Bites to Its Personnel and the Public

In the wake of the National Dog Bite Awareness Week, USPS also gave tips on how to prevent dog bites and attacks among their mail couriers. 

The postal service said dogs should be inside the house or behind a fence when receiving the mail in a different room or on a leash.

The USPS also reminded their carriers not to startle the dog when delivering mails, make noise when entering a yard to alert the dog, and place their foot against an outward swinging door. Furthermore, the USPS said mail carriers should never attempt to feed or pet the dogs.

The USPS noted that mail carriers also have a dog alert feature on their handheld scanners to remind them of a possible dog hazard and avoid getting bitten by the animal that may interfere with delivery.

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