House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning to create a new panel for the January 6 Capitol riot investigation after Senate Republicans had crossed out creating an independent probe.

According to a person familiar with the matter, Nancy Pelosi has told her colleagues that she would create a select panel after a meeting with Democrats.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the matter, Fox News reported. However, Nancy Pelosi later denied the said statement. The House Speaker said she did not make that announcement.

The new committee would put the majority of the Democrats in charge of the investigation. More than three dozen Republicans in the House and seven Senate Republicans said they wanted to avoid a partisan investigation.

They also said they supported the legislation to form a commission that would adopt the same model used to investigate the 9/11 terrorist attacks, The Mercury News reported.

Earlier this month, Nancy Pelosi said the House can't wait any longer and will proceed with a probe. Many Republicans have made clear that they want to move on from the Capitol riot, not providing any clear answers on how the insurrection took place.

Some of the questions left unanswered are how the government and law enforcement missed intelligence leading up to the insurrection and former President Donald Trump's role in the event.

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Capitol Riot Violence

The Justice Department recently released a new set of videos, including police body-camera footage, which allegedly shows assaults against police officers defending the U.S. Capitol last January 6.

According to an NPR report, the videos are cited as evidence in the assault cases against Scott Fairlamb and Thomas Webster. The videos were made public after some media organizations filed a motion for their release.

Prosecutor said Webster, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and retired New York City Police Department officer facing seven charges for his alleged involvement in the Capitol riot, could be seen in a red, white, and black jacket approaching a metal barricade.

The video also shows Webster allegedly bursting through the crowd, carrying a large flagpole with a U.S. Marine Corps flag attached to it. He was also reportedly seen shoving the metal gate into an officer and lunging toward him and striking at him with the flagpole a few times.

Prosecutors said Webster charged the officer with clenched fists and knocked him to the ground after breaking through the barricade.

On the other hand, Fairlamb, the owner of the Fairlamb Fit fitness gym in New Jersey, is facing 12 charges related to the insurrection. Fairlamb was also seen shoving an officer away and then punched the officer in his face shield.

Meanwhile, constitutional scholars and lawyers on cases against Donald Trump said they believed that President Joe Biden's administration had paved the way for the Justice Department to defend Trump, Independent reported.

The DOJ said that Donald Trump's comments were without question "unnecessary and inappropriate," but he had been acting within his rights by addressing allegations against him.

Anna Morgan-Lloyd, a woman charged with participating in the Capitol riot, said she felt ashamed that something meant to show support for Donald Trump had turned violent, NBC News reported.

Morgan-Lloyd noted that this is not the way to prove any point. She will plead guilty to one of her charges related to the riot.

Morgan-Lloyd said she has learned that things still need to improve even if they live in a wonderful country. She added that people of all colors should feel as safe as she to walk down the street.

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