President Joe Biden unveiled strategies on curbing the uptick of gun violence across the United States. The crime prevention strategy was announced by the president himself on Wednesday at the White House, revealing the strategy will be addressed in five key areas.

President Biden's announcement of his strategy came as states like Colorado passed their legislations that will also address the gun violence in their community.

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President Joe Biden's Gun Violence Strategy

NBC News reported that the key areas the strategies will address are stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violence, community violence interventions, providing law enforcement with more resources, expanding employment opportunities and summer programs, and bringing back formerly detained individuals to their communities.

"It's an American issue. We're not changing the constitution, We're enforcing it, being reasonable," said President Biden in USA Today.

President Biden also highlighted that the strategy will focus on the gun dealers. The president underscored that cracking down "rogue gun dealers," whom Biden labeled as "merchants of death," is a way White House can deal or address the flow of guns.

"We will make sure you can't sell death and mayhem on our streets," said Biden.

During the White House announcement, the president also emphasized the new focus that the Justice Department will execute, which was to stop the illegal sale of firearms.

Moreover, the Justice Department would allow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Explosives to revoke the licenses of gun dealers who would sell firearms to those who are not allowed to avail them, those who failed to run required background checks to the buyer, and those who falsified firearm transaction forms or other records.

It can be remembered that the Republicans pinned the blame on President Biden as gun violence continued to surge, over the past 18 months, amid the coronavirus pandemic. USA Today underscored that homicide increased up to 24 percent, while the gun-related deaths escalated to 21 percent over last year.

President Biden acknowledged the rise in crime this summer may escalate this year.

"We've been seeing it in our country for far too long, and it has spiked since the start of the pandemic over a year ago," said President Biden.

American Rescue Plan in Addressing Gun Violence

President Biden also announced that the $350 billion in state and local funding included in the "America Rescue Plan" can be used in curbing gun violence. The president noted that the fund may be used to hire more law enforcement officials and acquiring equipment that would allow departments to respond better to gun violence.

An administration official confirmed with NBC News that states and local government will determine how they want to spend funds allocated as part of the "American Rescue Plan", whether they want to solely use it in hiring more police officers or not.

President Joe Biden tapped the Treasury Department to issue new guidelines on Wednesday to make it clearer that communities who experience an uptick in gun violence can use a part of the "American Rescue Plan" in addressing the issue.

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