A federal judge ordered on Thursday to unseal dozens of documents about the personal affairs of Jeffrey Epstein's pal, Ghislaine Maxwell, including some that could reveal her relationship to the Clintons.

Judge Loretta Preska said unsealing the documents in the next two weeks would not have any effect on Maxwell's right to a fair trial, according to a Daily Mail reportGhislaine Maxwell is an accused child sex trafficker who was the associate of alleged sex predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Preska noted that it is not the court's job to police press coverage. She added that tabloid fodder does not diminish the importance of materials that could reasonably affect the court's decision on a motion, The Daily Wire reported.

Among the documents to be made public were the socialite's efforts to quash requests from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who sued Maxwell for defamation in 2016 for calling her a liar, to obtain her financial records.

It also includes documents from Maxwell that will show funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation or the Bill, Hilary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative.

Documents regarding a request from Giuffre for email accounts that the socialite allegedly kept secret from the court will also be included. The New York's federal court believes that these documents could also provide an insight into powerful men that Ghislaine Maxwell knew, like Prince Andrew.

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Virginia Roberts Giuffre Defamation Case Against Ghislaine Maxwell

Virginia Roberts Giuffre claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell recruited her when she was 16 and took her to Jeffrey Epstein to be repeatedly raped and abused. She named Prince Andrew as one of her abusers, which the Duke of York denies.

Giuffre's lawyers sought information about Maxwell's finances so they would be better informed if the case went to a settlement, which it did. 

They sought the socialite's tax returns, balance sheets and financial statements for Maxwell-controlled companies, among other materials. Virginia Roberts Giuffre made her allegations in a court in Florida in January 2015.

Former president Bill Clinton's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell was scrutinized when the financier was arrested in July 2019.

Bill Clinton was reported to have flown on Epstein's plane dozens of times. He was also shown in photographs receiving a neck massage from Chauntae Davies, one of Epstein's victims who worked as a flight attendant on his private jet.

Emails that have already been made public in the case revealed Ghislaine Maxwell talking to the sex offender about personal matters. 

Epstein reportedly told Ghislaine Maxwell to keep her head up and stop acting like an escaping convict. The convicted sex offender told the socialite that she had done nothing wrong and she should start acting like it.

Well-Known Personalities Connected To Jeffrey Epstein

CEO Les Wexner is Jeffrey Epstein's only confirmed client. It was reported that Wexner allowed Epstein to take an active role in L Brands, which owns Bath & Body Works, Express, and Victoria's Secret.

L Brands spokesperson said in July 2019 that Wexner later fired Epstein as his money manager more than a decade ago, Business Insider reported.

Former President Donald Trump once claimed in 2002 that he had a long friendship with Epstein, saying that he was a "lot of fun" to be with. Amid the controversy, then-counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said that Trump has not talked to Epstein in 10 or 15 years.

Prince Andrew, son of the United Kingdom's Queen Elizabeth II, who was also linked to Epstein, was criticized for frequently taking flights on taxpayer's money while serving as the country's special representative for international trade. This earned him the moniker "Airmiles Andy."

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton spokesperson Angel Ureña earlier said that the former president had not spoken to Jeffrey Epstein in well over a decade and knows nothing about the crimes.

Ghislaine Maxwell is due to go on trial for sex trafficking conspiracy and perjury, among other charges. The 59-year-old socialite has pleaded not guilty to all the allegations.

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