Since the announcement of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' divorce early this month, some allegations involving the Microsoft founder surfaced, including ignoring Jeffrey Epstein's reputation as he thought he could help him get the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to Daily Mail, Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein attended a meeting at the home of former Norwegian Prime Minister Thorbjørn Jagland in Strasbourg in 2013.

Representatives of IPI were also present during the meeting. IPI is a think tank focusing on healthcare and vaccination.

Reports said that Epstein had introduced Gates to the IPI representatives. After the meeting, the think tank received millions from The Gates Foundation to help fund a polio eradication project.

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Bill Gates' Nobel Prize Ambitions

A former employee of The Gates Foundation had divulged that the Nobel Prize is what Bill Gates wants more than anything else in the world, according to Daily Beast.

"I think he was ultimately disappointed it didn't work out," the sources told The Daily Beast.

Reports have shown that the two men met multiple times starting in 2011 and discussed a proposal from Jeffrey Epstein to help raise funds for The Gates Foundation. However, it never came to fruition, People reported.

Jagland said that it was Bill Gates who asked for a meeting as he visited Strasbourg. The former prime minister noted that Gates has been interested in the Council of Europe's work to ensure medicines for everyone.

He said that Gates and Epstein had arrived together. Jagland noted that he introduced the European system for controlling medicines during the meeting, and "the conversation advanced further" after that.

The foundation's communications team was alerted of Gates and Epstein's friendship, and the anonymous former employee said they were told it was a move to try to get Gates a Nobel Prize, New York Post reported.

The ex-staffer of The Gates Foundation noted that people knew back then that Jeffrey Epstein was not "squeaky clean."

The former staffer said that Melinda Gates was humiliated with the connection and did not like the connection that Bill Gates had with Jeffrey Epstein.

Meanwhile, Gates' spokesperson told The Post Tuesday that the Microsoft founder regrets "ever meeting" with Jeffrey Epstein.

The spokesperson added that it is "absolutely false" to state that Gates "set the Nobel Prize as a goal or campaigned for it in any way."

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Divorce

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' divorce has been announced on May 4 as they wanted to end their 27-year marriage. The announcement had shaken the world, being the most powerful and well-funded philanthropists. The couple had three children.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' divorce had also potentially thrown the future of The Gates Foundation into question, despite its some $50 billion endowment, CNET reported.

The two had met in 1987 at Microsoft, where Gates was a co-founder and CEO. Melinda, at the time, was a marketing manager for multimedia products, such as the Encarta multimedia encyclopedia, as well as the famous Microsoft Bob software. They got married in 1994.

In 2015, Melinda Gates had started an investment firm outside the foundation. The firm was focused on supporting women and families in the U.S.

In the announcement of their separation, they said that they no longer believe that they can grow together as a couple in the next chapter of their lives.

Since 2019, Melinda Gates had been reported to have meetings with lawyers as she planned for their divorce.

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