Ghislaine Maxwell's attorney had released a photo of her in prison with a black eye. It was the first photo released of the jailed British socialite since she was arrested last summer, according to a Crime Online report.

Maxwell's attorney, Bobbie Sternheim, attached the said photo that showed a bruise under the corner of her eye in a letter filed with the federal court case in Manhattan.

Sternheim's letter complained that guards had confronted Ghislaine Maxwell about her bruise and demanded to know how she got it.

"No guard addressed the bruise until Ms. Maxwell, who has no mirror, caught a reflection of her aching eye in the glean of a nail clipper," Sternheim said in the letter.

The lawyer added that "at that point," the MDC staff confronted Ghislaine Maxwell regarding the source of the bruise and threatened to place her in the SHU if she did not reveal how she got it. The SHU is a separate jail facility designed to isolate inmates from any human contact.

The 59-year-old socialite said she did not know where the bruise came from. However, she said it might be due to her using a towel or sock to shield her eyes as guards light her into her cell every 15 minutes at night to make sure she has not committed suicide.

Sternheim noted that Ghislaine Maxwell was hesitant to report the information as she feared she would be given punitive chores or else retaliation, Independent reported.

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Ghislaine Maxwell on Suicide Watch

Every move of Jeffrey Epstein's paramour is being monitored at Merrimack County Jail in New Hampshire.

"Given the death of Jeffrey Epstein in jail, everybody is obviously concerned about making sure nothing happens to Ghislaine Maxwell," a prison source told The Sun.

The source added that her security is a top priority, adding that the case is handled "extremely sensitively." Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell at Manhattan Correctional Centre in August 2019.

Friends revealed that Ghislaine Maxwell had up to £16million in the bank. She had been spending time cooking, boxing, and reading books by Boris Johnson inside a luxury home on a 156-acre estate in New Hampshire, where she was holed up before the arrest.

Now, there were claims that Ghislaine Maxwell was kept awake at night by guards to ensure she does not die in jail.

Two of the three judges had already expressed concerns about Maxwell's guards flashing lights in her cell every 15 minutes at night to ensure she is breathing, according to Meaww.

Ghislaine Maxwell's Case

A woman claimed that Maxwell raped her dozens of times, starting when she was just 14 years old. She said that she's willing to take a stand against Maxwell.

The woman, who wishes to protect her identity, said that Maxwell sexually abused her since 1991 in Florida, Fox News reported.

The woman claimed that the sexual abuse only stopped when she became pregnant with Jeffrey Epstein's baby. She had an abortion at 16.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and others had allegedly gang-raped her one last time as punishment as they thought that the woman had told her grandparents about the abortion and fear that she would talk to law enforcement officials.

Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly used toys and penetrated the said woman with her fingers. She was arrested last year on child grooming and perjury charges related to Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking ring. She is currently facing 35 years in jail for the said charges.

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