A product launch can be a taxing stage for a company. For smaller companies that are still in the early stages of development, launching a new product can be an equally challenging task. The product launch is a crucial juncture in the life of any company. It can either make or break the company. The finances and future of the company can hinge on how well that product launch is executed.

The first thing you need to do when you're about to launch a new product is figuring out what your goals are for this launch.

Samit Max Patel, the founder of Joopio product marketing agency, helps businesses and entrepreneurs to successfully conduct product launches. The company provides a to z marketing services that focus on this crucial process, so far they've raised over $43 million.

The strategy Samit has created is so powerful that major companies are now using it for their launches, FTSE and NASDAQ 100 employees have been learning about the method and implementing.

A product launch should be taken as a crucial step for any serious business and Samit has some suggestions to keep in mind:

-The earlier you start, the better. If you're at this stage, you've probably been working on your product for some time now. You're probably prepared to show it to people and get feedback as early as possible. Find people that you trust that can provide honest feedback as well as going out to your local supermarket and standing outside asking people for feedback on your business.

-The better you get to know your target market, the better prepared you are to launch a product that will appeal to them. Hang out where your potential customers are.

-Find people in your target audience and ask if they're interested in trying your new product. You could even offer an unbelievable deal to them as one of your first customers. It's a great way to get feedback.

- Use Facebook groups as a way to speak to your potential customers, start posting valuable content that will make them stand up and say who or what is this.

- Once you find a demand for your business you need to be prepared to put the foot down on the pedal and put your money where your mouth is. Use the finance to scale up and repeat the processes you did before on a bigger scale.