A woman in Colombia bungee jumped to her death after she misheard a signal from the instructor meant for her boyfriend. 

Daily Mail reported that the tragic death of Yecenia Morales happened on Sunday, July 18, at Amaga in northern Colombia.

The 25-year-old woman, a lawyer in Colombia, traveled to the spot organized by Sky Bungee Jumping with her boyfriend.

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Woman in Colombia Dies After Mishearing the Bungee Jump Instructor

New York Daily News reported that Yecenia Morales was waiting for her turn to jump from a viaduct when she allegedly followed a signal meant for her boyfriend.

Morales' boyfriend was ahead in the line when they approached the platform. The couple was the 90th jumpers of the day.

When the bungee jump instructor gave the signal for her boyfriend to jump, Yecenia Morales misunderstood despite having no bungee cord attached to her ankles. 

The Colombian woman then jumped down into the valley and fell to her death. Her boyfriend rushed down to help her after she plummeted 150 feet.

The Colombian woman's boyfriend was the first to find her on the ground. Morales' boyfriend desperately tried to perform CPR but to no avail. 

Rescue teams pronounced the Colombian woman dead shortly after arriving at the scene. Fredonia mayor Gustavo Guzman told El Tiempo that the woman got confused.

"The signal was for the boyfriend to jump because he was already attached to the security equipment," Guzman said. The mayor noted that the Colombian woman only had the harness on her without a cord attached when she jumped.

Yecenia Morales' brother, Andres, described his sister as a woman who loved reading and dancing. Andres added that Morales was a girl with "all the best values" and helped the people in need, Meaww reported.

The Colombian Woman's Boyfriend

According to reports, Yecenia Morales' boyfriend was receiving treatment at a hospital after he sustained injuries while rushing downhill to rescue his girlfriend. The boyfriend is reportedly in a state of shock. 

Hospital doctors noted that the Colombian woman suffered a heart attack before hitting the ground.

Authorities in Colombia have opened a probe following claims that the two companies who offered services and supplied the equipment at the outdoor activity site were not authorized to do so.

There's also an investigation into whether the company operating the tour had proper licenses and qualifications. Guzman said he immediately tapped the "intelligence investigators" to work on the issue.

A study mentioned in Outdoorasaurus reported that between 1986 and 2002, at least 18 people died from bungee jumping.

The study further noted that between 2015 and 2018, at least five bungee jumping fatalities were recorded. The said fatalities reportedly equate to 23 deaths in 20 years.

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