Elie Zeschkowski is the CEO and founder of Elyzée Events Agency. In a few years, the company has become one of the major players in the events and concierge services of luxury in the United States. Their ability to respond to the most complex requests has enabled them to build a growing reputation. Elie says that building on its success, the company's urge to expand grew stronger and stronger. Therefore, in 2003 Elyzée Events Agency dropped off its luggage in the canton of Geneva. Subsequently, with its prestigious clients, the group has developed in cities like Paris and London. Elyzée Events Agency has won the Golden palm with Paris Match for the luxury brand of services.

Unlike most of the concierge services around the world, Elyzée Events has a direct relationship with the service providers they work with, says Elie. This proximity allows them to have total control of the services they offer to their clients. Through their various agencies located around the globe, they can respond to all the requirements of their customers. 

While talking about their business model, Elie says that it was developed by the group on an international scale. Their marketing policy allows them to offer their clients all types of services without having them subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription. He further says that this model economic is one of their many strengths. With Elyzée Agency, you only pay for the services operated by them. With around 500 employees worldwide, they offer quality services at a price consistent with the market. 

For his future goals, Elie wants to expand his activity and broaden his range of benefits. As the world of luxury is constantly changing and growing, they aim to offer their customers more new features and challenges. In the coming years, Elyzée Events Agency wishes to develop various new agencies in places like Japan and Russia.

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